Written by  :  piltdown_man (143278)
Written on  :  Jan 16, 2014
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Excellent marketing

The Good

This is a short review because the a reviews of TRAINZ 2006 and the TRAINZ Routes expansion package belongs with those products and not with this compilation.

As compilations go this installs cleanly, but see below, and it works.

The Bad

It is a recent product, 2011, and as such it's reasonable to expect that it has up to date content. I was therefore disappointed to find that everything in here was released in 2006. To be fair on the back panel it does say, in small but clear writing, that this is the 2006 version but I bought on-line and there was no back panel scan available to me.

This is sold as 'The Ultimate Collection', the packaging says it 'Includes TRAINZ Routes Volumes 1-4', so why do I have to go through two separate install processes? There's no benefit to the player in this arrangement. A little bit of work would have made this look like it was a complete product rather than two separate products with a simple front end.

The Bottom Line

Two old products, repackaged.

If you buy this product intending to build your own routes then you'll probably need to access the on-line database for additional content. The product key needs to be registered in order to do this and, based on my experiences, this key is not transferable so be wary about buying this game second hand.