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Trespasser: Jurassic Park (Windows)

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Written by  :  Andrew Romig (10)
Written on  :  Jun 10, 2000

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I wouldn't buy it for 5 dollars...

The Good

Just about the only thing I liked about the game was the novelty of the arm technology which directly correlates to your mouse.

The Bad

The aformentioned "novelty" of the hand-mouse gimmick became all too cumbersome when it was crunchtime and the raptors started running at me, it took me forever to aim my weapon well enough to actually HIT that speeding raptor and by that time he was all over me.

And speaking of weapons... I thought it really stunk that there wasn't such a thing as a RELOAD to the designers of this horrid game. Even if I found the exact same weapon as I was already carrying it would not allow me to transfer ammunition or to carry any in my pocket so i'd drop two good rounds in one revolver for one loaded with six.

Also, it appears dinosaurs are made of soild, bulletproof steel because it will amaze you just how many rounds it can take to down even the smallest Dino and then, you're out of ammo and must proceed to throw rocks at those mean raptors (ooh rocks, aren't you frightened? Didn't think so.) and of course the character you play has the worst hand-eye coordination on earth and has never heard of leaning her arm back to gather more momentum, making your throwing attempts pathetic and futile.

And lastly, probably the thing i hated most about Trespasser was it's ludicrous hardware demands and it's absolutely horrid 3d engine. I was playing on my Pentium 2 333mhz with a Diamond Monster Fusion 3d card (which was high technology at the time.) and my framerate was in the single-digits most of the time, not to mention that it just plain looked bad. And to make things worse 3d acceleration actually LOWERS the image quality when turned on, so the only person who could possibly run this game smoothly was someone with about a 700mhz AMD Processor (because the unusual 3DNow! technology is endorsed with Trespasser) and Dual Voodoo 3 boards set in SLI mode and at the time this game was released neither existed.

I found myself throwing this game away the next week in disgust, DO NOT BUY IT!

The Bottom Line

A really lousy attempt for Dreamworks Entertainment to cash in on The Lost World's financial sucess.