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Trespasser: Jurassic Park (Windows)

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Written by  :  MrSuperGod (58)
Written on  :  Jan 25, 2004

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White girl can't jump

The Good

The graphics are pretty nice; though they lack intense detail they still cut it. Guns are plentiful and placed just where you need them most. Looking down and seeing a big pair of jugs is always a nice thing, too bad the tattoo wasn't on her rear end huh? LOL The dinosaurs aren't dumb, they get right in your face and if a near by dino pisses them off they wind up attacking one another. i also found that Minnie Driver has a rather sexy voice, she does the voice over rather well.

The Bad

She can't jump! i mean she can and does jump but she's awful at it. [Rule of thumb for future players: Before making a potential life ending jump make sure to save your game because she'll most likely ignore the fact that your hitting the jump key and fall to her demise]. Raptors, cool looking? yes. monotony from their over abundance? you bet your sweet ass. The game needed a wider variety of dinos. The task of picking up boxes is what annoyed me the most.. well, it's a tie between that and her feeble attempts at jumping, she constantly contorts her arm like a circus freak. When you finally get the box where you want it she usually knocks it over when trying to climb on top of it. And forget about stacking boxes on top of each other... it will drive you mad!

The Bottom Line

Not a bad game but not a good game, it's worth a try. If your asked to pay more than $5 for it you'll be getting the screw job.