Trevor Chan's Capitalism II Credits


Game DesignTrevor Chan
Project ManagementTrevor Chan
ProgrammingDickens Au, Gilbert Luis, Ban Tam, Wilson Wong
GraphicsMichael Au, HengZhi Yao, Jia Liu, Jing Zhu, Chris Whitehouse, XaoYing Huang, Zhao Liu, ZhiHong Zhou, ZiZhi Wang
DocumentationAlan Doyle
Game TextAlan Doyle
Beta TestingMaggie Chim, Alan Doyle, Anthony Ford, Tomislav Kos, Fok Ka Ling, Ki Hoi Ling, Sheldon Molitor, Patrick Oduor, Marv Spigelman, Chu Chi Wai, Joseph Wilson, Law Hoi Ying, Lam Pui Yu
ProducerValérie Beaufils, Yves Guillemot
European Director of DevelopmentAnne Blondel-Jouin, Alexis Godard
International Content ManagerFabrice Pierre-Élien
Lead DesignerMichel Momcilovic
Worldwide TestsÉric Tremblay
Lead TesterFrédérick Brown-Althot
TesterSteve Beaulieu, David Turmel Dionne, Yan Gagnon, Dominic Lamarre, Simon-Pierre Lepage, Mathieu Lizotte
Worldwide Localization ManagerCoralie Martin
Localization Project ManagerAnne Perreau
European Marketing DirectorLaurence Buisson-Nollent
Brand Group ManagerAxelle Verny
Brand Manager EMEAVincent Munoz, Yannick Rollot
American Marketing Brand ManagerTena Lawry
American PR ManagerKaren Conroe
Special ThanksFabrice Combounet
North American Technical Support ManagerBrent Wilkinson
Lead Technical Support RepresentativeTrent Giardino
Technical Support RepresentativeMoye Daniel, Jason Jennings, Kirk Sanford

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Credits for this game were contributed by NeoMoose (1266) and formercontrib (159540)