Tribes: Ascend Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
The spinfusor begs you to upgrade it.
Lots of useless medals, just like in real life.
Multiplayer modes.
Yep, a loading screen.
Choose your destiny.
Tribes: Ascend - the game where you kill enemies from 1 km up in the sky.
If you want to find a good reason for killing people in Team Deathmatch, stop it. There isn't one except increasing the kill count.
Aerial warfare in Team Deathmatch mode. I'm about to get barbecued.
Shooting while skiing - this is why Tribes is so much fun (more Team Deathmatch).
Playing as the Juggernaut for massive damage (Team Deathmatch).
In Capture and Hold you need to keep these control points under your... uhmm... control.
Point A on the Outskirts map is always a slaughterfest (Capture and Hold).
And this is how it looks from the inside (Capture and Hold).
Where are you taking that flag?! Give it back now! (Team Deathmatch)
This is our base and our flag has been stolen (Capture the Flag).
Ok, this is nothing. Wait till you see the tank! (Capture the Flag)
Vehicles are best for defending your base, attacking enemy base structures and, frankly, everything else (Capture the Flag).
Of course badges await at the end of the match.
Technicians can build turrets
Repairing the generator
Picking up the flag is easy, keeping it for more than a few seconds is the harder part
Driving the Beowulf - a slow but powerful vehicle
Infiltrators can cloak to avoid enemies attention
A fractal grenade
Arena mode
An enemy Shrike
Destroying the enemy generator
Force fields and turrets can be used to protect the flag
An orbital strike
The sentinel is the game's sniper class