Written by  :  Tyler Szabo (6)
Written on  :  Sep 11, 2005
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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This game is going to be in an fps hall of fame.

The Good

The game play and feel of the controls felt natural, the graphics and the visual effects were well implemented. The sound made you fell like part of the game and was presented well in 3D.

The story line was a great introduction to game play and a lot of fun to play through. The characters were dynamic and the plot unraveled beautifully with a mystery that was wonderfully disguised.

The multi player is where the game begins to really shine, with multiple game modes, a slew of highly detailed maps and character skins are included. The game doesn't stop there, with 3 classes of armor, that have a unique weapons and vehicles to use strategically. The game also features the ability to make mods that range from total conversions to simple gun mods.

The Bad

The characters seemed somewhat bulky, and the AI was at times too aware, and did not react as an online player would.

The single player characters were overacted and the plot was highly fictional. The game was heavy on Rambo style one man army missions with little teamwork but outstanding outcome.

There is a poor variety of vehicles in the game, and the lack of in-game voice chat was a noticeable factor considering today's games.

The Bottom Line

This game is more than just a sequel to Tribes 2, it is a team kill-fest waiting to be explored, a must for anybody who likes a good fps. The longer you wait the more fun you are missing.