Tribes: Vengeance Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The beginning of the story introduces Julia.
Flashback to her childhood. The beginning of the game like many others has an ingame as-you-play tutorial. Some instructions such as equipment use continue to come up throughout the game.
The game also features Havok physics. This applies not only to ragdoll characters but also to props and occasional breakaway objects.
There are detailed environments that are simply massive and give a great feeling of depth or, more frighteningly, height.
There are machines scattered throughout the game which allow you to change your weapons, purchase additional equipment and switch your armor. The game does not pause when you use these however.
When Victoria is kidnapped she is taken to the Tribal planet where you will really master some rudimentary skills.
One of the only "creatures" in the game. They are in the caverns below the Tribal planet.
Julia fights in the arena.
An overview of the large arena in the single player campaign
To give you the scope of the engine, we start with an in-game cut-scene.
Then we move into the gunner position.
After that you get dropped off on foot to run around on the terrain.
And finally you go into an underground base!
These hexagons mean that you cannot pass. Larger and fainter versions of these envelop the play area in the outdoor levels.
Some prop details in the Children of Phoenix base.
In one of the most innovative parts of the game you play as a kid-aged Julia and pilot this vehicle.
Besides all the guns in the game there is also a grappling hook you can use for those levels where your jet-packs don't work.
The interior detailing really gives a sense of people populating these areas. In this scene bunkbeds of Blood Eagles can be seen behind the lockers.
There are a couple of tank-like vehicles you can use as well. They either let you drive and have a gunner or vice versa...or both.
The in-game map shows you your goals as well as your heading.
The back of this vehicle also has a armory machine which lets you arm yourself and equip repair units so you can fix the tank.
Mercury, the assasin
Taking aim. Headshots of course do the most damage but each shots completely depletes your energy, so you better not miss!
Daniel & Victoria share a moment together.
Piloting this is a lot of fun!
Skiing is a method of smoothly gliding around levels. This is one of the hallmarks of a Tribes game.
Where's that elevator going?
All the way to the upper atmosphere! You better move quick, if the turrets and Blood Eagles don't get you Jericho will.
Multiplayer - There's not a heck of lot you can do to customize yourself. Even your appearance.
Even though it uses an Unreal engine the game is without bots. You will actually need to practice with real people. Some levels won't let you start without others on the field.
Staple of any Multiplayer game, Capture-The-Flag.
The multiplayer mode also includes vehicles you can drive or fly around. Within some vehicles you have the option of being the gunner or the driver.
One of the most innovative of the Multiplayer modes, where you have to empty an enemy Fuel Depot and transfer it into your own (here in the foreground).
The armor stations will let you select preset armor and weapon sets on the battlefield. Here's medium armament.
In the multiplayer mode there's also an additional melee weapon that you barely use in the single player game; the buckler.
Sometimes the firefights get pretty intense where it's hard to tell who's on your side.