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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.9
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (45 votes) 4.0

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Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Quite frankly, despite its minor flaws, Trine is a truly polished tour de force—a smashing success that is deeply satisfying in each of its 15 levels. The freshness, creativity and attention to detail evident in every scene are just stunning. I increasingly found myself totally addicted, fearful after each level that the game would be over and I would be craving more.
Giant Bomb
Every time you think about turning your back on the 2D action genre, a game like Trine comes along to remind you why this style of game still matters, and can still surprise you. The satisfaction of playing Trine hinges on a thorough physics model that touches every aspect of the mechanics, from the platforming and puzzle-solving to the combat, both melee and ranged. Every level contains enough inventive and challenging puzzles and platforming obstacles--swaddled in beautiful, lovingly detailed graphics--to propel you straight through to the end of the game, and likely leave you wishing there were even more levels to play through.
Impulse Gamer
Trine is just one of those games that a casual gamer can pick up and play a little or a lot, also a heavy Impulse Gamer can feel good at having this hidden gem in their gaming collection. Getting through the levels does not require you to get all of the items on each level, and that's a good thing. So those hard to reach places do not have to necessarily be found, not conquered to progress.
Game Over Online
Trine is an extremely well-balanced and clever game. A little combat, a little platforming action, some very well-designed puzzling – the overall effect resulting in a quite enticing game. The game mechanics are smooth and responsive, leading to platforming action that is enjoyable, avoiding the pitfall of frustration that can often accompany such activities. Even more, it comes at the paltry bargain price of $20, and really there are very few ways that a gaming dollar could be better spent.
So there you have it, Trine is a small diamond of a game. It’s fun, entertaining, challenging and most important, it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it actually is. Except for the multiplayer, there isn’t anything to dislike. If you like those flash games that use physics, you will love this. There were a few small glitches at first, but nothing a small patch couldn’t fix. One might be worried about the length of the game, but then again, it only costs twenty euros on Steam so you can’t do much wrong with that.
The storytelling, artwork and music all fuse together to create a really beautiful environment to roam around - offering sensory candy to all! Hopefully this'll give Frozenbyte some extra cash to produce another title if they can iron out their distribution issues, as this was aces!
Worth Playing
Trine is one of the better platformers I've played this year, and it's definitely worth buying.
With a game this epic, I expect, nay, demand much more of a battle. Here’s what I wanted: A series of battles where I have to use all three characters to my advantage. Maybe I have to drop a box on his head, shoot a flaming arrow into his mouth and then smack him with the hammer. I don’t know. I’m not a designer. I just demand much more than a boss beaten in a cutscene. With the right final boss battle, Trine could have gone from “great and memorable” to “extraordinary and unforgettable.” It was a missed opportunity, plain and simple.
Trine proves that if you have an original mix of ideas, even old school gameplay can still work great, especially when paired with incredible visuals and extremely polished code. So, it is a bit short and lacks long-term replayability and gets scored accordingly, but don't let that stop you - Trine is definitely something special.
Ähnlich wie LittleBigPlanet auf PS3 oder kürzlich NyxQuest auf Wii entdeckt man eine Welt, indem man kämpft, springt, klettert und physikalische Rätsel löst. Diese Mischung geht hier so gut auf, dass die knapp acht Stunden fast wie im Flug vergehen. Das Faszinierende an Trine ist, dass man all das gleichzeitig mit drei ganz unterschiedlichen Charakteren erleben kann - so entstehen kreative Teamlösungen, die unheimlich motivierend sind. Schade ist nur, dass es keinen Online-Modus gibt, dass die Story etwas stiefmütterlich vor hin sich hin dümpelt, dass der Wurfhaken nicht intuitiv genug beim Hochziehen auf Plattformen umgesetzt wurde und dass sich das Leveldesign irgendwann doch abnutzt. Hätte es etwas mehr Abwechslung, eine weniger steife Präsentation und spannendere, also taktisch sowie physikalisch intelligentere Bosskämpfe gegeben, wäre auch Platin greifbar gewesen.
Absolute Games (
Под ненавязчивую мелодичную музыку и забавные перебранки персонажей кампания займет у вас три-четыре вечера. Затем настанет время поворчать на непростое последнее испытание и чуть смазанную концовку, повторить подвиг за компанию с друзьями, отыскать пропущенные «секретки»… Trine, хотя и не так оригинальна, напоминает Braid. Тоже умная, красивая сказка, которая довольно быстро заканчивается.
Indie Game Magazine
Trine’s levels should take around 5 hours for your first play-through, making completion a little short. However, there is still replay value due to secrets items, achievements and most importantly it’s multiplayer. If your one of the people to snatch up the bundle offer, you’ll be happy to know you have an enchanting journey, chaotically exciting multiplayer and a sequel to look forward to that’s due for release later this year. Those who missed their chance, you should definitely give Trine another look.
Trine ist ein wirklich außergewöhnliches Jump'n'Run, das primär durch seine dichte Atmosphäre und die wunderschönen Levels besticht und es versteht den Spieler gekonnt in seinen Bann zu ziehen. Eine kleine Perle unter den Indie-Projekten, die es auf jeden Fall mit den Spielen der großen Entwickler aufnehmen kann. Manche Rätsel mögen zwar ein wenig zu leicht, die Story vielleicht ein wenig zu seicht sein und auch die Spielzeit hätte eine Spur länger ausfallen können, doch davon einmal abgesehen ist der Titel wirklich gelungen und macht jede Menge Laune, vor allem für Fans solcher Spiele. Vor allem das erlangen aller Erfahrungstränke und finden sämtlicher Schätze bietet Zusatz-Motivation bis zum Schluß.
Trinen akvarellimaisemat ovat kaunista katsottavaa ja eteerinen musiikki kruunaa zenimäisen satutunnelman. Forzenbyte sai aikaan jo toisen persoonallisen helmen: Shadowgrounds-räiskinnän (Pelit 12/05, 90 p) rinnalla Trine-tasoloikka kehtaa esitellä esimerkkinä kotimaisesta pelintekotaidoista. Trine toimii varsinkin lyhyinä annoksina loistavasti
Gamer Limit
Trine is a beautiful game. From the graphics to the core mechanics, players will be amazed at how well it is designed.
Trine on parhaillaan pienissä erissä pelattuna välipalana. Kerralla suoritettaessa kokemus saattaa jäädä lyhyeksi. Välitön uudelleen peluukaan ei innosta, mutta jonkin ajan kuluttua saattaisi hyvin taas tehdä mieli käydä vähän kokeilemassa. Eikä se ole ollenkaan huono merkki.
Total PC Gaming
Trine is a joyful jaunt into fantasy and a brilliant blend of twitch-based reflexes and clever puzzles. It’s a lovely game. We wouldn’t often use ‘lovely’ to describe a game, but there it is. Now go play it.
GameStar (Germany)
Mit Trine zeigt Frozenbyte, wie schön Spiele auf zweidimensionaler Ebene sein können. Noch nie habe ich so stimmungsvolle Levels in einem Side-Scroll-Spiel gesehen. Die gute Physik, die prächtige Grafik und die wunderbare Musik verdienen das Prädikat »äußerst liebevoll«. Ein Tick mehr Herausforderung wäre aber schön gewesen, und von der Charakterkonstellation hatte ich mir mehr Komik erhofft. Actionfans, die bereits mit World of Goo Spaß hatten und über die schwache Handlung hinwegsehen können, werden erstklassig bedient.
82 PC Gaming
In ending, I'd conclude that Trine is a good game, but it was a little over-hyped. While it was nice to play a side-scroller for the first time in several years, the game doesn't necessarily leave an outstanding impression. It's certainly is priced well now ($20), and is fun, but I think the difficulty could have been upped a bit, and I would have like to see a little more variety with the enemies. If you love side-scroller platforming games, then you'll certainly want to pick this one up. For the more casual fan it's a bit more difficult to say one way or the other. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fairly good, but it does get somewhat repetitive after a while, and it is somewhat short at around 5 to 6 hrs. For the casual gamer on the budget, wait for a sale. If money isn't much of a concern and you enjoyed the trailers/demo, it seems worth it.
Trine is great fun in single-player and it's worth experimenting with the three-player co-op even if the game works best as a solo experience. Players are given a set of tools (three characters with unique abilities) and are presented with problems that can be solved in several ways, resulting in an adventure that feels wide open despite being relegated to a mere two dimensions. The beautiful visuals and sound bring this world to life and there is something new to discover around every corner. A lack of enemy variety, disappointing conclusion, and the wonky multiplayer keep Trine from greatness, but this is still a highly recommended puzzle platformer.
Gameplay (Benelux)
Trine is een absolute indiegame triomf die mits een betere uitwerking nog veel hogere toppen had kunnen scheren.
All in all, we recommend you try the game with a buddy at least. You won't be disappointed. Also, it reminded me a lot of Lost Vikings, which is nice.
Après un premier Shadowgrounds sympathique, Trine est une excellente surprise, un jeu sachant moderniser un gameplay plateforme/ réflexion 2D à la The Lost Vikings par l’ajout d’un moteur physique. Sa réalisation envoûtante, sa bonne durée de vie (soutenue par un mode co-op limité mais rigolo) et la sympathie qu’il dégage naturellement excusent sans problème ses défauts. C’est donc sans hésitation que je lui colle un 8 parce que ce sont décidément des développeurs à encourager dont j’attends maintenant avec impatience le prochain projet.
Trine est frais, beau, maniable et vous donnera le sourire pendant une après-midi pluvieuse.
Seamos justos: los finlandeses de Frozenbyte han hecho un trabajo magnífico con este pequeña obra de arte en movimiento llamada Trine. Es el ejemplo perfecto de que aún se puede innovar con éxito en nuestra industria, sin necesidad de un gran sustento económico detrás del equipo de desarrollo. Es una experiencia efímera, pero recicla y mejora conceptos de otros géneros muy acertadamente, haciendo que sea una delicia desde principio hasta fin.
It’s a testament to how interactive Trine is and how well it was designed, that in spite of the flaws that ruin most games, Trine keeps you involved and playing if only so you can see what new abilities you can unlock and what fun puzzles lay ahead. It won’t tax your graphics card, but will deliver stunning visuals nonetheless. It’ll tickle your creative bone while never getting boring or repetitive. Trine is a fun and refreshing take on the fantasy action/adventure genre giving its players several hours of fun play.
Thunderbolt Games
Trine is a mini-revolution for the 2D platformer. It’s engaging because it doesn’t compromise itself by forcing prescribed solutions down the player’s throat. The Ebertists don’t like it, and neither do the hardcore traditionalists, because both groups, despite being opposed on so much, have a distaste for removal of authorship whether they’d like to admit it or not. If you want to show a movie critic a platformer that fits into his narrow definition of art, roll out Braid. If you’d rather play a whimsical, self-deprecating adventure that makes no assumptions and might just be quietly shaping the genre to come, give Trine a shot - it absolutely deserves your attention.
Więc grać czy nie grać? Odpowiedź jest prosta – jeśli lubisz tego typu gry, klimat fantasy, piękną grafikę oraz cudowną muzykę to TAK, zdecydowanie grać. Trine to gra solidna, nad którą ktoś musiał się sporo napracować i to widać.
GamePro (US)
In closing, Trine is an excellent downloadable game that will take you roughly four to five hours to complete. The graphics are amazing, the three characters are fun to play, and the fairytale story is cute. You might even be curious enough to finish the game and see what happens to the three hard-luck heroes.
And although the voices and music aren’t bad, while the graphics and the background animations are details, when you sum it all up, Trine’s offer is pretty slim for its 30 euro price tag on Steam. It would have been a true gem if it had more complex puzzles, extended multiplayer options and a replay value backed up by more than some achievements. But my guess is that there’s an add-on in the works, or a full-blown sequel. The potential is certainly there.
Envoûtant et poétique, Trine associe avec brio une prise en main exemplaire, des mécaniques de jeu intelligentes et une atmosphère unique. Si l'aventure est maîtrisée, c'est avant tout au joueur de se forcer à expérimenter les différentes options offertes par les trois héros. En effet, dans Trine, il est presque possible de foncer vers la sortie de chaque niveau sans trop se poser de questions, mais ce serait se gâcher le plaisir.
Intelligent but unpretentious, quaint yet brutal, Trine is regularly an absolute delight. Delve into the options menu and you can set it up for co-operative play - which allows all three players in the world at once - adding another level to the already wonderful puzzle-solving. But even alone, Trine offers five hours of invigorating, exciting, hybridised and enormously beautiful gaming. For a relatively low-key offering, it's brimming with confidence in its image and approach. That's what makes Trine so darling, even when that skeleton gets stuck on a rock while a hundred bats eat you to death.
Trine isn't as new and exciting as current 2D platforming king Braid was on its release, but its combination of tight controls, exiting action and physics-based puzzles makes it easy to recommend to platforming fans. It's a shame the multiplayer isn't more interesting, but when played alone it shouldn't be hard to get many hours of fun out of Frozenbyte's impressive looking title.
80 (UK)
Trine is simply an unpretentious and effortlessly lovely adventure, if never quite special enough to nudge into the echelons of 9/10 and above. Immediately likeable, hugely enjoyable and brimming with charming detail every step of the way, your enjoyment may depend on how many friends you can share the journey with, but few would regret time spent in the company of this trio.
PC Games (Germany)
Nach den ersten 30 Spielminuten hätte ich meine Redakteursehre darauf verwettet, dass Trine ein Meisterwerk auf Braid-Niveau wird. Doch wie Sie rechts sehen können, ist am Ende dann doch nur eine gute Wertung dabei herausgesprungen. Der Grund ist ebenso einfach wie ernüchternd: Frozenbyte hat aus dem spielerisch wie technisch hervorragenden Fundament zu wenig Kapital geschlagen. Die Rätsel zu einfältig, die Levels zu gleichförmig, die Gegner zu austauschbar – Fehler, durch die das so kunstvoll ausgearbeitete Stück Software um seinen verdienten Lohn gebracht wird. Nichtsdestotrotz hat Trine einen Platz auf der Festplatte und im Herzen all derer verdient, die fernab des Mainstreams nach erfrischend-liebevoller Unterhaltung suchen. Eine Schande, dass es nicht zu mehr gereicht hat ...
All in all, Trine is a fairytale that’s pays specific attention to detail in making you feel as if you’re playing a fairytale. The presentation Frozenbyte has given this game is amazing, and the gameplay doesn’t suffer either. The puzzle solving might be a bit frustrating in the case of how much Trine wants you to explore, and there definitely needs to be more enemy variation, but that doesn’t dock any major points from the overall excellent experience this game presents. It’s platformers like Trine that remind me that I should play more platformers. And I’m jumping on Trine 2 sooner than later.
Good Game
It's been so long since I've seen a secret room in a game, Jung! I was like, ah, where have you been all this time! It also could have been a lot more frustrating, but well thought out checkpoints made sure it wasn't. 7.5/10 from me.
Good Game
There's a difference between “physics puzzles” and just “using abilities”. Trine is a game where you use abilities. But it's still quite fun, I found myself wanting to play more. 7.5/10
Trine has a fantastic core concept and occasional flashes of true brilliance, but it just doesn't go far enough in exploring its own mechanics. It delivers a perfectly entertaining few hours of gameplay -- much more time than I was expecting from an indie game, honestly -- but I could never shake the feeling that it just plain wasn't as good as it could have been. It'll more than likely be worth the $20 asking price when it comes out on PSN later this month. Whether the currently available PC version is worth $30 ultimately depends on how much you value a few hours of very fun, if not mind-blowing, entertainment.
But lest all this nitpicking sound too negative, be assured that Trine is a fun and beautiful game that, despite its drawbacks, delivers a lively and refreshing jaunt through a spellbinding kingdom where fairy tales really do come true.
Mana Pool
I feel like the overall score is a bit on the low side but it’s mainly because of the very high retail price which Frozenbyte asked for such a short game. Trine can be completed in around about 5 or 6 hours, and whilst those among us who are not particularly good at platformers might get a couple more hours out of it, for the $29.99 price tag it’s a dismally short game. Couple this with the fact that once you’ve figured out the puzzles once, there’s not much challenge left in a replay unless you can find some friends to play along with you in multiplayer. If you can get the multiplayer working, that is. I’d be feeling pretty short changed if I’d paid full price for Trine, however if you can pick it up for less than the RRP, I’d recommend it as you’re in for a visual treat.
Game Positive
While the story, gameplay, multiplayer and presentation all combine into a very solid game, the quality is damaged by the overall value of the title. With only fifteen levels, the game is short. Way too short. While you can get some solid replay value through multiple difficulty levels and the multiplayer, none of that really lengthens the game enough to justify its price tag on the PC. With so many other quality platforming games that can be downloaded for less, it is hard to recommend Trine until the price goes down. Trine is a very good game in many ways; yet, it simply does not stand out enough to warrant its price tag.
UOL Jogos
"Trine" é um divertido jogo de ação 2D que mistura momentos de ação e resolução de problemas. Na tentativa de ser relaxado na parte de enigmas e evitar que o jogador fique agarrado em certos momentos, há uma falta de equilíbrio entre as três classes de personagens que pode colocar um ou outro em segundo plano. Ainda assim, os níveis longos, com seus muitos segredos e surpresas, conseguem prender o usuário curioso, especialmente se ele estiver acompanhado de amigos.
In spite of some of the frustrations we had Trine was a great ride from beginning to end. Five hours may seem somewhat short, but it's the perfect length for what's being offered here. If you like puzzle platformers this is a title you'll definitely need to check out. It's beautiful, it's addictive, it's fun.