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Triple Play 2000 (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Triple Play 2000 Credits


Executive ProducerSteven Rechtschaffner
Production TeamMark Dobratz, Shyang Kong, Brent Nielsen, Jon Dowd, Ian Verchere, Dennis Hirsch
Production CoordinatorsElaine McMurtrie, Jadranka Travica


Lead Software EngineerErik T. Kiss
Software EngineersRob Anderson, Daniel Brady, Adriano Celentano, Jennifer Cleary, Craig Hall, Ryan Pearson, Mike Rayner, Bob Silliker, Stan Tung, Louis Wang, Rick Falck
Software Development DirectorBrian Deppiesse
Director Of Product DevelopmentPauline Moller
Development DirectorsAnne Fouron, Eric Lau
Technical DirectorsLaurent Ancessi, Jay MacDonald


Lead Graphic ArtistGeoff Coates
Front End ArtistsJason Leigh, Carolyn Cudmore
StadiumsVanessa Gonwick, Curt Randall
Player ModelsMichael Sneath
Lead AnimatorsDoug Masters, Ian Lloyd
Animation TeamStephen Gagnon-Cady, Anne Geiger, Lisha Houng-Lee, Ian Lloyd, Steve McLeod, Ted Nugent, Terry Sanderson, Mike Smith


Audio Lead/Sound DesignMichael J. Sokyrka
Speech/Sound DesignJohn McCulloch
Front End Music CompositionJohn Morgan
Front End Music Mixed byHiwatt Marshall
Play by Play Vocal TalentJim Hughson
Color Commentary Vocal TalentBuck Martinez
PA Announcer Vocal TalentMichael J. Sokyrka
PA Music AcquisitionGeoffrey Halton

Video Editor/Compositor

Video Editor/CompositorBrett Marshall

Database Administrator

Database AdministratorRon MacNeil

Tools and Libraries

Tools and LibrariesTony Lam, Daniel Kennett, David Mercier, Frank Barchard

Quality Assurance

QA CoordinatorTodd Wilson
Project Testing LeadDavid Orne
Assistant Testing LeadsDan Rodgers, Ryan Yewell
TestersFrank Benton, Freya Berg, Chuck Boyle, Paul Byrom, Cindy Currie, Mark Evans, Brandon Gill, Tarek Grymaloski, John Harley, Mike Kelly, Wade Lindley, Mike Little, Brad McGraw, Kim Nolan, Otis Perrick, Brian Spence, Shane Ward, Chris Waddell, David Yan

QA Tech

QA Technical LeadZech Prinz, Colin Cox
QA Technical ServicesJason Feser, Chris Wallace, D'Arcy Gog, Mark McIntyre, Gordon Westbroek
QA MasteringPeter Petkov, Cary Chao

Motion Capture

Motion Capture SuperviserDaven Coburn
Motion Capture Senior SpecialistStefan Van Niekerk
Manager, World Wide Motion Capture StudioEvan Marc Hirsch
Motion Capture TeamEli Masi, Andrea Donnelly, Daniel Eayres, Vincent Ng, Michael Paul, Colin DeJose
Motion Capture TalentEdwin Maduro

Online Support

Online SupportGrantley Day

Marketing Services

Product ManagerBrian Coleman
DocmentationAnthony Lynch
Documentation EditorGreg Roensch
Documentation LayoutCorinne Mah

Customer Quality Control

CQC ManagerJoel Knutson
CQC AnalystsBenjamin Crick, Anatol Somerville, Michael Jung, Etienne Grunenwald, Michael Parker, Robert Walker

Special Thanks

Statistical DataStats Inc.
Player PhotosMLB Photos
Video FootageThe Phoenix Communications Group Inc.
Stadium PicturesBarbara Howe Photography

Special Thanks To

Special Thanks ToBrad Schlachter, Leena Sheth, Rich Pilling, Paul Cunningham, Evan Kaplan, Derrick Aigner, Chuck Osieja, Gary Lam, Kai Shaku

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Credits for this game were contributed by Craig Hall (39)