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Triple Play 2000 is a great game overall. It features a lot of fast action and has enough levels of control that anyone should be able to hop right in and enjoy it. The pace keeps moving so it doesn't get boring. Bottom Line: Clean, sharp graphics with excellent animation. Multiple levels of difficulty for each aspect of the game allow anyone to refine the gameplay to their own ability. Decent computer AI where adjustments are really noticeable, although there are still a few little problems with strategy. Overall, a good, solid game that should please just about any arcade baseball fan.
Power Unlimited (May, 1999)
Ik ben gematigd tevreden over Triple Play 2000. Ik vind het niet echt een verbetering ten opzichte van Triple Play 99 (8,5). Het spel is weliswaar opnieuw super realistisch en het geluid erg sfeervol, maar de graphics zijn licht achteruit gegaan en de gameplay blijft nog steeds moeizaam.
GameGenie (1999)
It's in the game. Triple Play 2000 s a new level of gameplay in the Triple Play series. With the addition of the total control hitting and more solid gameplay, this version is sure to make most people happy. There are plenty of things that can detract from these new features, but most players can play through them. The graphics look better than before, but could be even better, and the sound is top notch. Being the first baseball title to hit the shelves, Triple Play 2000 has set the for every other title to aim for.
PC Gaming World (Jun, 1999)
Tiple Play clearly emphasises action, so fantasy leaguers may complain. While some of the statistics generated during simulated seasons and the new automatic trading can be a little dubious, it will still walk away with the pennant - unless MS Baseball 2000 can stop it.
GameSpot (Apr 23, 1999)
So how does Triple Play 2000 stack up against this year's crop of baseball titles? In truth, it's still tough to tell. Each of the major games has at least one major selling point, and for Triple Play 2000 it's the simple fact that the game is a lot of fun to play. Yes it has a number of gameplay flaws and idiosyncrasies, and yes it's not a 100 percent-accurate re-creation of America's pastime. But no other baseball game is as much fun to play head-to-head for sheer bragging rights and power-hitting duels. If you crave the hard-core stats, realism, and strategy of the sport, however, make no mistake: You will not be happy with Triple Play 2000. But this is a great game for anyone interested in "baseball lite" with killer graphics.
Wie schon der Vorgänger richtet sich auch das diesjährige Triple Play an Action-Baseballer, die allenfalls eine einzige Saison spielen möchten. Die fulminante Stadionatmosphäre mit kecken Sprechern und gelegentlichen Donnergeräuschen bei besonders gelungenen Schlägen unterstreicht den Konsolen-Charakter. Zusammen mit der extrem intuitiven Maussteuerung ist das aber sicher kein Fehler - hier schlägt Ihre Stunde, wenn Sie zuvor noch nie etwas mit Baseball zu tun hatten oder zu tun haben wollten.
Overall, Triple Play 2000 is kind of like a well-hit ball which reaches the warning track but falls into the arms of the center fielder right in front of the wall. The swing was sweet, but there just wasn't enough juice for a home run.
At last count, there are four new baseball titles that have recently been released. Triple Play 2000 brings a few nice things to the table and the gameplay is entertaining at times, but for a game that focuses solely on action I found that there are a number of things that detract from it. As a result, the game ends up being par for the course…not bad, but nothing particularly great either. It’s a decent title but you should comparison shop before you buy and definitely try the demo first.
Despite these shortcomings, TP2000 is actually kind of fun to play, even with its dopey gameplay. But the game definitely shows that it has been designed more for the console world than for the PC. Its second-generation 3D engine is improved over last year’s inaugural version, but the players still look blocky, and this engine lacks that X factor found in other EA Sports titles’ engines. If you’ve enjoyed TRIPLE PLAY over the years, then this latest installment won’t disappoint. But if you’re looking for something that plays like America’s Great Game, this still isn’t it.
Triple Play 2000 is a step back in certain ways from Triple Play 99, but in a larger view it's a step forward. If they get rid of the idiotic "click-to-go-faster" feature, allow joystick/keyboard customization, forget the dull Home Run Derby (which is essentially one huge experiment of repetitive timing) and give the players more intelligence, then they will have a winning and enjoyable arcade baseball game. Until then, go with a hitter that can leave the yard, like High Heat Baseball 2000, rather than some batter with warning track power.