Trophy Hunter 2003 Credits (Windows)

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Trophy Hunter 2003 Credits

Southlogic Studios

Modeling, Animation, Art Team Lead, 3D Modeling and PaintingRicardo Coimbra da Rocha
AnimationsMauricio Bammann Gehling
Engine Project Lead and Lead Programmer, Tools Project LeadGustavo Goedert
Application and Tools ProgrammingRafael Hagen Horbach
Game Design, Project LeadChristopher Kastensmidt
Environments Art Team Lead, 3D Modeling and Painting, Level Design and LayoutAdriano Ledur
President, Lead ProgrammerChristian Lykawka
3D Modeling and Painting, InterfaceCláudio Marzo da Silva
3D Modeling and Painting, Level Design and LayoutFernando Peña D'Andrea
3D Modeling and PaintingFelipe Pulcinelli da Jornada
President, BizDev Inc. Business DevelopmentDan Rogers
Special ThanksLeoci T. Sciorrino, Rosemari Lemes, Kátia Celine Izodoro, Felipe Formiga, Floriano Raffin Pohlman, Samantha Schmidt
Thanks for your supportFrancisco D'Andrea, Jussara D'Andrea, Charles F. Kastensmidt, Antionette Rose Kastensmidt, Renalda Machado Ledur, José Benedicto Ledur, Lykawka Family, Hadi, Roberta, Andreia Escosteguy Vargas, Igor Sperotto, Joe Saunders, Katherine Saunders

Infogrames Inc.

ProducerPeter Eckert
Executive ProducerStephen Ellis
PresidentDenis Guyennot
Vice PresidentHarry Rubin
V.P. of Product DevelopmentPaul Rinde
Director of Product DevelopmentPeter Armstrong
V.P. of MarketingTracy Magnuson
Director of MarketingAnn Marie Bland
Senior Marketing ManagerDennis Davidson
PR ManagerJudy Corey
Creative DirectorKeith M. Anderson
Graphic DesignArea 51 Minneapolis
Lead Quality AssuranceMichael Hathaway
Lead TesterDavid Degnan
TestersChris Lundeen, Steven Charbonneau, Jay Carling King IV, Brian Ewoldt
Special ThanksArea 51 [R.I.P.], Katie Johnson, Oed, Paul and Rita, Michael Cucchiarella, Bill Manro


ProducerLuciano Albo
Electric Guitars and BanjoMárcio Petracco


Sounds Licensed FromJones Calls, Sounddogs, Shockwave‑Sound
Extra Photography WorkRuss Jackson
Technical PartnersRuy Castro, Luis Picinini, Mehmet Adalier, Mike Finkel, Dave Sokolowski, Christopher Donahue, Brian Harvey, Omar Yehia
Industry AdvisorsWilliam J. Wong, Simone Maria Pastor Sudbrack, Paul D. LeFevre, Andrew Johnson, João Amaral

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