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Tropico 4 (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Would be really fun if it worked. Pixelspeech (955) 1.57 Stars1.57 Stars1.57 Stars1.57 Stars1.57 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.2
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.2
Overall MobyScore (4 votes) 3.1

The Press Says

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Overall, Tropico 4 was a delightful experience. It made some incredibly useful changes and additions to gameplay while maintaining the heart of the Tropico series. And the annoyances were few and far between enough that this title is worth turning on again and again. Viva la Tropico!
Tropico 4 may not look massively different from the previous game, but the improvements made under the hood make this game a must for anybody that loved Tropico 3, or anyone that loves management sims.
Ja, El Presidente, Sie sollten die Macht in „Tropico 4“ unbedingt an sich reißen. Serienfans wird auffallen, dass etwas mehr Spieltiefe an genau den richtigen Stellen das Führen eines Inselstaates noch interessanter macht; Neueinsteiger dürfen das einzigartige Flair des Titels genießen. Speziell in Sachen Lernkurve bei der Kampagne könnten die Entwickler es noch besser machen. Aber Sie wissen ja: Dieser subversive Journalisten-Pöbel findet doch immer was zum herummeckern. Davon dürfen Sie sich nicht abschrecken lassen!
Ich bin seit Beginn ein großer Fan der Tropico-Serie. Umso mehr freut es mich, dass die Entwickler von Haemimont Games einige Probleme des Vorgängers konsequent beseitigt haben. Dank der Nebenaufgaben habe ich mehr zu tun, meine Entscheidungen haben sofort spürbare Konsequenzen und alles wirkt etwas ausgereifter und spielt sich somit flüssiger. Okay, die Warenketten sind noch immer recht kurz und einige Missionen wirken etwas in die Länge gezogen. Und obwohl ich lateinamerikanische Klänge mag, ging mir das Geschrammel auf der Gitarre irgendwann etwas auf die Nerven. Sei es drum: Tropico 4 ist das bisher beste und ausgereifteste Spiel der Serie.
GameStar (Germany)
Acht Punkte mehr als der nahezu identische Vorgänger? Da war der Tester wohl zu nah an der Rum-Destille! Nein, war er nicht: Tropico 4 ist schlicht deutlich ausgereifter als sein zwei Jahre alter Vorgänger. Damals dauerte es ewig, bis ich die Zusammenhänge zwischen Wirtschaft, Politik und Aufbau nicht nur kapiert hatte, sondern auch richtig nutzen konnte. Das lag vor allem am mangelnden Feedback. Jetzt hingegen ist alles nachvollziehbar verknüpft, ich sehe schon bei den Aufgaben, wie sich meine Entscheidungen auswirken werden. Gleichzeitig gibt’s einen roten Story-Faden mit Überraschungen und Ereignissen, damit das Inselleben nicht zu vorhersehbar wird. Auch der Humor passt, von den prima Sprechern bis hin zu den witzigen Radiokommentatoren. Obacht, Anno und Siedler - hier kommt echte Konkurrenz. Endlich!
Para los que se inician en la serie, este título es una delicia, ya que recoge los mejores elementos de un buen juego como la tercera parte y además mejora buena parte de los puntos débiles. En cambio, para el jugador veterano es un poco más de lo mismo y quizás pueda verse decepcionado por la ausencia de sorpresas o giros inesperados en la mecánica de construcción y gestión. Avisado el lector de esa circunstancia, Tropico 4 es un juego excelente e incluso aunque sea menos fresco, resulta lo suficientemente interesante y cuenta con tantas posibilidades como para seguir invitando a largas partidas caribeñas. Para alguien que no haya jugado a la tercera parte, es poco menos que imprescindible y una gran compra; para los veteranos, sigue siendo una muy buena oferta con horas de entretenimiento de calidad que ofrecer.
Avisado el lector de esa circunstancia, Tropico 4 es un juego excelente e incluso aunque sea menos fresco, resulta lo suficientemente interesante y cuenta con tantas posibilidades como para seguir invitando a largas partidas caribeñas. Además, el hecho de ser un título de FX Interactive en esta ocasión lo hace particularmente atractivo en comparación con cómo llegó la tercera parte. Tropico 4 llega con un gran precio de 20 euros, manual a color, buena presentación y completamente en castellano. Para alguien que no haya jugado a la tercera parte, es poco menos que imprescindible y una gran compra; para los veteranos, sigue siendo una muy buena oferta con horas de entretenimiento de calidad que ofrecer. Eso sí, de cara a una quinta entrega, Haemimont Games deberá tomar más riesgos. Mejorado sobre la buena base de Tropico 3. Un interfaz mejorado en sus puntos más débiles. Amplias opciones de gestión, muy variado y ameno.
We hebben nooit geweten dat het zó leuk zou zijn om de tiran uit te hangen. Jij hebt de touwtjes in handen en moet zelf keuzes maken om jouw eigen eiland groot te laten worden, of juist naar de afgrond te helpen. Nieuwkomers zullen in het begin hoogstwaarschijnlijk even moeten wennen aan de game mechanieken en de talloze opties die je voor je krijgt. Gelukkig krijg je hulp als je dat wenst. Dit zorgt ervoor dat zowel beginnende- als ervaren tirannen ontzettend veel plezier uit Tropico 4 kunnen halen. Je kunt een geheel eigen speelstijl ontwikkelen in de twintig levels die de verhaalmodus kent. Als je je bedenkt dat je met één level al vele uren zoet kunt zijn, hoef je niet te raden dat de game voor vele tientallen, zo niet honderden uren aan heerlijk kwaadaardig vermaak kan zorgen. Je zou bijna zelf een eiland willen kopen en een volk onderdrukken. Bijna.
Game Informer Magazine
Tropico 4 is Tropico 3.5 in a lot of ways – but they’re a lot of really good ways. The improvements over the last game read like a fan’s wishlist, and Tropico 3 was a great game to start with. The revamped goal structure is a fantastic teaching tool for players new to the series as well as being a welcome addition for veterans. Tourism being a viable money-maker is fantastic; it’s still outstripped by heavy industry but not as obscenely as before. Tropico 4 is the top simulation game I’ll be recommending to genre newbies and fans alike.
Original Gamer
There is a lot to say about Tropico 4, but for me, most of it is good. I took a lot longer to do this review simply because I didn’t really want to stop playing, and this is something I haven’t felt since my days on that old library computer. Tropico 4 is an excellent package, but if you already own Tropico 3, you may want to do a little research before you plunk down your cash; I have read many things about the games being very similar, but for newbies such as myself, this is obviously not an issue, and I am very glad that I got an opportunity to dive into this wonderful game. Viva la revolution!
Digital Entertainment News (den)
It's fun and doesn't cost too much. For the amount of money being asked, Tropico 4 is well worth a purchase.
I’m having a blast with Tropico 4, but I know it’s not for everyone. Tracking stats, managing an economy and building a million projects at once keeps me engaged, but without a little patience to learn the interface it’ll overwhelm many a strategy newcomer.. Still, if you’re the type that’s spent hours with the likes of Civilization or Sim City, or has an unhealthy need to be in control, then it’s time to become el presidente.
Cheat Code Central
if you have never experienced a Tropico game before, Tropico 4 is simply the best the series has to offer. If you've been playing the series since it first began, Tropico 4 has refined its formula nearly to perfection, and is worth your time for the new characters and missions alone.
Tropico 4 is a more refined version of its predecessor, even if it looks and sounds exactly the same. The new gameplay options add depth to a game that was already fun, but don't solve Tropico 3's big issues (lack of end-game challenge being the most obvious. Once you've established a stable economy very little can disrupt your plans). Whether Tropico 4 is really Tropico 3.5 is immaterial; it's fun, it's cheap, and it's worth playing.
Gaming Nexus
In summary this is a light, easy to play, engaging city-builder. Fans of Tropico 3 will feel right at home, as will gamers who wouldn't ordinarily play a game in this genre. There are some good ideas in here that a more detailed treatment could bring out.
PC Games (Germany)
Tropico 4 hält lange bei der Stange: Die Kampagne ist umfangreich und die Missionen sind, anders als im Vorgänger, durch eine zusammenhängende, reichlich skurrile Geschichte verbunden. Schade allerdings, dass sich der Anfang jedes Szenarios fast immer gleich spielt, trotz des ansonsten tollen, nicht-linearen Auftragssystems. Ebenfalls bedauerlich ist die Innovationsarmut des Spiels: Abgesehen von dem überarbeiteten Baumenü ist die Benutzeroberfläche immer noch eine Komfortwüste, an der Grafik hat Haemimont nur geringfügig geschraubt und die wenigen frischen Gebäude sind – wie die Katastrophen – nur Beiwerk. Und trotzdem hat mich das toll umgesetzte, mit viel Humor gewürzte Szenario ein ums andere Mal vor den Bildschirm gelockt.
Ten Ton Hammer
Tropico 4 is a fun, but surprisingly deep, sim to play. While gameplay can become repetitive, the overall experience is very good and dealing with natural disasters or various tasks enlivens the gaming experience. Dealing with the various factions and their almost never-ending demands kept me on my toes, and the humor in the game keeps the game fresh and upbeat. Playing a dictator of a banana republic is quite fun. While Tropico 4 isn’t a revolution in sims, it’s damn entertaining. Just remember, if you want to send aid, that half goes toward El Presidente’s retirement fund!
Game Arena
The bottom line is, Tropico 4 carries similar almost A-grade production values to its predecessors, is thematically identical, is bug-free if not entirely polished visually and it has a raft of new features for you to enjoy - it just struggles to earn that numerical update to its name. Given its reduced price however, that's not even slightly an issue. None of the new additions break anything, all the old stuff is there and better, and if you've never played a Tropico game before there has never been a better time to jump in! It's fun, addictive and full of character. In spite of its not pushing any envelopes too hard, it's a must-play for those even slightly interested in the genre.
Vandal Online
En resumidas cuentas, nos encontramos con un título que expande y mejora la saga más todavía y lo hace más accesible que nunca, pero sin perder en profundidad, por lo que nos vuelve a ofrecer la misma diversión de siempre ampliada. Sin embargo, su escasa evolución, por no decir nula, respecto a la entrega anterior, acaba por transmitirnos esa sensación de estar ante "más de lo mismo" más propia de una expansión que de un juego completamente nuevo. Quienes hayan tenido la ocasión de disfrutar de Tropico 3, no encontrarán ningún aliciente real para hacerse con él, aunque sigue siendo una opción de compra muy recomendable y atractiva. Sin embargo, si no lo jugamos en su momento, Tropico 4 se convierte en un imprescindible en toda regla para todo el que quiera pasárselo en grande con un gran juego de gestión y estrategia.
PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
Where it lacks in revolution it succeeds in execution. Tropico 4 represents the best qualities found in city management simulators, and is the best entry yet in a beloved franchise.
El Presidente, as you can see, it is beneficial to your experience to allow Tropico 4 into your life. It's not a sequel that's trying to change the game, it's just trying to make sense of all that extra stuff in Tropico 3 that had very little explanation. The pacing and presentation of objectives is what's really different: They make Tropico 4 feel fresh, despite the truly remarkable ripeness of the franchise's core mechanics.
Strategy Informer
If you’ve got time to kill, Tropico 4 is perfect. It hasn’t changed much since its predecessor, but it’s still an excellent simulation – something that’s welcome in the era of visuals-conscious FPSs and lacklustre adventure games. A modernised concept, that’s perfectly period. Well worth checking out.
In most respects, this is Tropico 3.5, right down to the blatantly repurposed menus, user interface, and avatar/building graphics. Sure, you get some fresh island footprints, new buildings, tighter control over economic imports/exports, more political superpowers to juggle, the threat of natural disasters, and some additional (and now-scaling) avatar traits, but I can't shake the feeling that this is a substantial expansion masquerading as a sequel. Luckily, with Tropico 3 (and now 4) being the game that it is, it's mostly livable. I can't rightly fault developer Haemimont Games for not fixing what isn't broken -- or for addressing noted flaws -- but under the circumstances, the arbitrary numerical uptick feels just a tad disingenuous.
Regardless of whether or not you desire innovation in Tropico 4, it remains one of the most enjoyable and charming city building games of current times. Best of all, it's one of the few games that you can just as easily play lazily from your couch with a controller as you can play it hunched over your keyboard. It would've been nice if there had been more to Tropico 4 than just "more of the same," but criticisms of little actual change aside it's still one of the most relaxing of its kind you're likely to play all year. I only hope Haemimont will eventually overhaul the now aging core gameplay to make it worth using all of the options at hand, rather than letting players stick with what worked before. Most of all, we really need a revamp of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove, because everything is better with pirates.
Atomic Gamer
The bright, crisp graphics of the Caribbean and the goofy, but lovable sense of humor exhibited throughout Tropico 4 make it instantly appealing, and the impressive depth of a people and city management sim layered on top of tried and true RTS style of play will keep you coming back. One minute you'll be in the red, the next rich; one minute you're desperately trying to find space for a garbage dump so that your Environmentalists are content, the next you're trying to stave off an invasion by the Soviets. FPS players often have a story that transpires between every bullet fired, every poorly-timed reload, and RTS gamers will have a lot to talk about after a good two-hour session in Tropico 4. There might not be a huge amount different here compared to the last game, but I don't blame the developers for not wanting to touch such a fun game.
Tropico 4 kann man wunderbar mit dem Volkswagen Golf vergleichen. Nicht nur, dass es halt ein wenig konservativ und hochwertig bleibt, es ist auch nicht so komplett anders als der jeweilige Vorgänger. Genaugenommen ist es sogar ziemlich ähnlich. Es wurde aber an so vielen Ecken gefeilt, gerundet und verbessert, dass Tropico 4 noch einmal eine deutlich befriedigendere Spielerfahrung ist, als es der Vorgänger sowieso schon war.
GameOver (Greece)
Οι είκοσι αποστολές (που μπορούν να κρατήσουν... λίγες ώρες η κάθε μία) είναι μόνο η αρχή αν θέλει κάποιος να ασχοληθεί με το free buid κομμάτι του τίτλου. Συνεχίζεται, λοιπόν, μία παράδοση (στη δημιουργία της οποίας είχαν συμβάλλει τα μέγιστα και τα πρώτα Tropico), που αφορά παιχνίδια χωρίς απαραίτητα αιματοχυσίες και σκοτωμούς, εντυπωσιακά cutscenes και σπουδαία (ή σπουδαιοφανή και κομπορρήμονα) σενάρια.
Hooked Gamers
Measured in fun, Tropico 4 does not disappoint. The campaign mode is very entertaining, the radio broadcasts about new happenings on your island are humoristic to listen to and the various tweaks to the original Tropico formula are guaranteed to keep you glued to your PC for days, if not weeks. If you can look past its two year old copy/paste exterior, Tropico 4 is a very worthy purchase.
Tropico 4 is a good and fun management sim, however, the incredible laziness of rehashing assets from Tropico 3 as a full game makes me shake my fist in anger, especially since I really like the series. If you’ve never played a Tropico game before, go and grab it now, but If you own Tropico 3, stay away from it till it hits bargain-bin price, unless you really really love it and need more missions NOW.
Calm Down Tom
Overall Tropico 4 is a great game. I recommend it to any person with taste for construction and management simulation games. Even now that the review is done, I will continue playing the game for a long, long time to come. Surely that says it all.
Cheat Happens
While it is true that Tropico 4 plays much like its predecessor, the changes that are here are far too heavy to merely call this Tropico 3.5. Though the lack of new features and multiplayer are a bit daunting, Tropico 4 is a game that fans of the series and those looking for a new experience are going to want to check out.
Malgré son manque regrettable d'innovations, Tropico 4 est à ce jour le meilleur épisode de la série. Férocement drôle, agréable à regarder et bien équilibré, ce jeu de gestion pas comme les autres n'aura aucun mal à transformer le plus placide des joueurs lambda en dictateur sans scrupules. On en redemande !
It's best to look at Tropico 4 as port of entry for new players. If you've never set sail for the island paradise's sunny climes, you'll be happy to know that the improvements allow you to enjoy a more accessible version of Tropico 3 without feeling like they've dumbed-down the content. Veteran players, though, are likely to consider it a $40 expansion. It may be the best the game in series yet, but that's only because it bolsters an already-admirable framework.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Een erg goede, uitgebreide en bij momenten zeer grappige uitbreiding op Tropico 3. Helaas moet er wel de volle prijs voor betaald worden. Voor de echte fans of voor geïnteresseerde nieuwkomers.
Game Over Online
Tropico 4 is a difficult game to rate. It's a perfectly fine game, it ran smoothly for me, and it kept me reasonably entertained for about 50 hours, but it's also essentially the same game as Tropico 3... which was essentially the same game as the original Tropico. If you've never played any of those earlier games, and if you like city building, then by all means try out Tropico 4. But if you've played the earlier games, then you might be better off firing up Tropico 3 again rather than plunking down $40-50 for what amounts to a glorified expansion pack.
Così come la recensione, la valutazione finale di Tropico 4 deve per forza di cose essere divisa in due parti: quella che tiene in considerazione Tropico 3 e quella che invece ignora la precedente fatica di Haemimont Games. Per la prima, Tropico 4 diventa a conti fatti una specie di data disk a prezzo pieno, viste le novità poco significative sia numericamente che per il loro impatto sulle meccaniche di gioco. La seconda parte invece può trovare sicuramente in questo titolo una novità divertente, immediata e fresca, anche se forse un po' meno longeva di quanto ci si possa augurare.
Game Revolution
The graphics aren’t anything amazing to look at, the gameplay is occasionally dull and headache-inducing, and the voice acting is weak and annoying at times. Overall, though, Tropico 4 is enjoyable, if only because of the satisfaction that comes with virtually and successfully ruling a nation while getting rich. Actually, it’s a bit like a really elaborate Communist Farmville, which shouldn’t be—but absolutely is—awfully addicting.
CPU Gamer
So the verdict is that Haemimont have done it again: they've made another Tropico 3. If you're a Tropico nut, then the idea of a few new buildings and a lengthy, engrossing campaign probably has you interested already. The only ones who might want to stay back are those who felt like they'd had enough one, or two, or three Tropicos ago.
Game Chronicles
All told, Tropico 4 is a good game. While it might not have revolutionized the series, it does a good job of fleshing out some of the options that Tropico 3 lacked. For people interested in city-building games who're new to the series, it'll make an excellent starting point, with more intuitive decision-making than ever before. For series veterans, it'll seem more like a standalone expansion than a full sequel, and it might be good to wait for a sale to bring its price down to match. Either way, it's a game that's well worth having.
Worth Playing
It can be argued that Tropico 4 is more of a mission pack than a full game. Priced at $40 while the DLC-loaded edition of Tropico 3 goes for $15, the expense may be hard to rationalize for largely similar gameplay. The new options are quite nice, but may not be enough to justify the game for casual fans of the series. Genre aficionados will lap up the new missions and new tweaks, and casual fans who are looking for a fun twist on the SimCity tradition will find Tropico 4 to be a solid, worthy experience that will last a while.
Tropico 4 has gotten broader but not deeper. While the tweaks to the economy, government, and mission assignments make it a better game than its predecessor, you go over the same old ground too often. Still, these changes make for a marginally better game, and newcomers to city building should find the game very easy to get into, thanks to the mission structure and constant advice. But, most of these improvements would have served a stand-alone expansion or an add-on pack much better than a full sequel.
Tropico 4 ne réinvente donc pas la série mais la fait évoluer dans le bon sens. Le titre conserve l’ambiance décalée et latino qui fait son identité et son succès. L’humour grinçant des situations et le cynisme des dialogues vous arracheront forcément un sourire. On peut également se féliciter de la profondeur du gameplay, toujours au rendez-vous-même si les développeurs d’Haemimont l’ont rendu plus accessible aux néophytes et moins lassant pour les habitués. Avec une campagne de 20 (longues) missions et un mode bac à sable potentiellement infini, c’est un avantage non-négligeable.
PC Gamer
It’s not a great leap forward, but growing bananas and rigging elections remains remarkably entertaining.
A pointless rehash for series regulars, but if you’ve never experienced the joys of being a totalitarian dictator this is still good clean city-building fun.
Lorsque le premier Tropico est sorti en 2001, il avait su impressionner les amateurs du genre grâce à ses nombreux paramètres et à sa gestion fine. Dix années plus tard, le concept n'a pas beaucoup évolué, mais il reste néanmoins très efficace grâce aux nombreux paramètres sur lesquels le joueur a une influence. Car malgré sa forte ressemblance avec son prédécesseur, Tropico 4 apporte quand même quelques améliorations : les leviers économiques sont plus nombreux même si la production est toujours aussi linéaire, et les factions jouent cette fois-ci un vrai rôle en confiant régulièrement des tâches au joueur. L'île semble ainsi plus vivante. Plus fignolé que Tropico 3, ce quatrième épisode satisfera les amateurs de gestion à n'en pas douter, mais ne propose peut-être pas assez de nouveautés pour donner envie aux acquéreurs du précédent volet de replonger une fois encore dans les eaux turquoises des Caraïbes.
Absolute Games (
Жизнь карибского правителя богата на события и неожиданности. Лидеры партий регулярно предлагают задания, на бирже толкутся иностранные инвесторы… В конце концов, в Tropico 4 просто интересно играть! Разве можно пройти мимо экономической стратегии, где мы обогащаем уран («there is something truly badass about it») и строим своему персонажу прижизненный мавзолей? Да, как продолжение популярной серии игра немногого стоит. Логичнее считать ее дополнением — качественным, но глубоко вторичным, — к которому расчетливые маркетологи прицепили нелепую цифру.
Povedené pokračování výborné hry, které sice nepřináší až tolik novinek, ale zaryté fanoušky i nově příchozí jistě potěší nová kampaň s více úkoly, zařazení importu a několik nových budov. Zamrazí jen stálá přítomnost několika chyb a pocit, že Tropico 4 by si spíš zasloužilo označení datadisk.
Tropico 4 kun je nauwelijks een vervolg noemen. De game oogt en voelt als het derde deel uit de serie en verbetert dit deel slechts op enkele vlakken. Tegelijkertijd is Tropico 4 een van de betere tycoongames van de afgelopen jaren, waardoor degenen die het derde deel gemist hebben of fans die net dat beetje extra willen prima een vakantie naar dit tropische paradijs kunnen inplannen.
Tropico 4 had wat ons betreft een goede expansie geweest voor Tropico 3, maar het is de term 'nieuwe game' niet echt waard. Daarvoor worden er veel te veel elementen gerecycleerd en te weinig nieuwe zaken geïntroduceerd. We twijfelen zelfs of je als nieuweling binnen de reeks met versie drie of vier moet beginnen. De game heeft zeker zijn verdiensten (komische ministerraad, import beheren, enkele extra gebouwen), maar bevat ook enkele negatieve beslissingen (zoals het 'moeilijk'heidsniveau en de povere opvolging van missies). Voor fans van de serie raden we aan te wachten tot er wat kwaliteitsvolle custom campaigns bijzitten, maar hou deze veronderstelde troonopvolger zeker in de gaten...Tropico 4 is namelijk nog steeds gebouwd op een uitmuntend concept.
This game is an entertaining, control everything city strategy game. The lack of a multiplayer is a bit of a turn-off, personally, but at least you can brag to your friends via Facebook about the many ways you are destroying the lives of your citizens. There's tweaks that build on its predecessor, but it doesn't offer much that ground-breaking or expand in depth. There's tons to do with the ability to control almost every aspect of every building and citizen. It just gets a little laborious after a little bit, due to not enough changes from Tropico 3.
Games Radar
It's tough to recommend Tropico 4 to experienced players. If the closest you've ever gotten to a banana republic is inside your local mall, however, Tropico 4 is definitely your best entry point into the series. It's certainly got the “accessibility” part down, and – despite its lack of long-term appeal – it's a uniquely humorous city builder that's worth a look on the merits of its well-honed core mechanics alone. As a sequel, though, Tropico 4's just passable. If only its developers had time control powers; then maybe they'd have eased off the fast forward button and taken the time to flesh out their game.
Tropico som naturligvis er en parodi på diktatorer og bananrepublikker, forsøker aldri å være direkte seriøst. Spillet er fullt av ironiske kommentarer, og karikerte personligheter, som gjør det morsommere å være akkurat så god eller dårlig statsleder du ønsker. Setter du pris på å ha mange muligheter og detaljstyre et samfunn bør du prøve Tropico 4, derimot hvis du lider av beslutningsvegring og irriterer deg over detaljer, bør du heller gå for et spill som fokuserer på større aspekter.
70 (UK)
It's hard not to like Tropico 4, because it's based on a solid foundation that is naturally engaging. It was and remains an enjoyable if slight take on a dry genre. Its tragedy is that it hasn't bothered to build anything worthwhile on top of that foundation, preferring instead to coast on jaunty music that makes you feel like you're playing in Nando's and broad satire that fails to sustain the game beyond the first few days of play. Newcomers to the series will find much to enjoy, but existing fans may wish that El Presidente had made a little more effort.
Cyber Stratege
Au final, Tropico 4 représente une progression certaine par rapport à Tropico 3. Les nombreuses missions, les nouveaux bâtiments et les améliorations dispersées dans les diverses facettes du jeu en font un jeu plus plaisant et plus complet. Pour quelqu’un découvrant la série, le choix ne devrait pas être difficile, Tropico 4 est un bon jeu en soi. Cependant, pour un fan de la série, possesseur de Tropico 3, l’investissement de près de 45€ pour le jeu devrait être murement réfléchi. Dans l’essentiel, on a affaire au même jeu. Les améliorations apportées ne justifient pas un tel prix. À réserver aux inconditionnels de Tropico et à tous les nouveaux joueurs.
Spazio Games
La struttura portante di Tropico 4, così come la precedente iterazione, ricalca pedissequamente il dictat del primo capitolo, evitando di immettere novità troppo forti e che avrebbero potuto snaturarne la serie. La filosofia adottata è comprensibile, ma impedisce un inverdimento del gameplay che, seppur solido, divertente e collaudato, inizia a sentire il peso degli anni. Allo stesso modo, le novità, seppur di flebile incidenza sull'esperienza globale, ci sono, ma a lungo andare il loro peso si fa sentire sempre meno. In definitiva, la differenza di gioco rispetto a ciò che abbiamo provato due anni fa è veramente troppo poca per un sequel che si rispetti. Rimane un buon acquisto per i fan dei city builder, di cui rimante comunque uno dei migliori esemplari (e anche uno dei pochi), ma i videogiocatori che hanno già a casa una copia di Tropico 3 farebbero bene a pensarci due volte prima di passare all'acquisto.
Tropico 4 je typickou hrou, na kterou je už z principu nesmysl snažit se navléct jednoznačné číselné hodnocení. Sérií nepolíbené jedince odrovná pohlcující hratelností, majitele předchozího dílu dost možná podobně jako mě umoří kritický nedostatek oživujících novinek a pouhých deset map. Rozhodněte se sami, do které kategorie patříte. A hlavně... Nebuďte asociální a pošlete pak přátelům na Facebooku pár screenshotů ze hry. Určitě je to potěší. He he.
Hvis du leder efter en RTS, hvor du kan fordybe dig i Sim City oplevelsen - med masser af hentydninger til politik som taget ud af panikken under Den Kolde Krig -kan du trygt købe Tropico 4. Men er du mere til et spil, der ikke er så lineært fastbundet, og med action, er der bedre bud på markedet.
Ultimately, Tropico 4 closely resembles a re-release of Tropico 3, made available to a wider audience, thanks to a highly optimised game engine and more forgiving system requirements. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, then, particularly for newcomers to the series, who will find much to enjoy — but long-time Tropico fanatics may begin to feel the familiar pangs of disappointment before too long.