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Tunnel Rats Credits (Windows)

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Tunnel Rats Credits

Tunnel Rats

Inspired by the film ofUwe Boll

Team Toro

Team ToroAndreas Hackel, Boris Bauer, Carsten Brueggmann, Christian Schüler, Claus Praefcke, Daniel Alles, Daniel Schömperlen, Fabian Schaub, Florian Dohrendorf, Jörn Müller, Kira Weimer, Marc Möhring, Mario Janiszewski, Matthias Kummer, Michael Schulz, Robert Clemens, Robert Lühmann, Sabrina Hahn, Sascha Jungnickel, Soenke Dierks, Stephan Beier, Thomas Wilmering, Tilman Mehler (Dr.), Tom Jachmann, Ute Mohr, Young-il Shim
Special Thanks toMarkus Schüßler, Martin Cabrera, Marvin Muhs, Per Niemann, Roger Joswig, Stephan Schwake

Coreplay, Munich

Engine ProgrammersPeter Ohlmann, Thomas Bredl
ArtistsRobert Andreas Drude, Roman Pfrengle, Tom Schillinger, Sebastian Vesper
Level DesignerPhilipp Kock

ML Enterprises

ProducerHendrik Lesser
Game DesignerRupert Easterbrook
Xbox 360 ProgrammerTobias Sicheritz
Additional ProgrammingChristian Bazant
Producing AssistantDominik Mieth

Outsourcing Partners

Script WriterStephen Cavalier
MusicJessica de Rooij
Sound EffectsDynamedion
Voice RecordingsToneworx
Environment Models and WeaponsGround Studios
NPC Character ModelsYu-Chung Chen
NPC Animations and Motion CapturingNightsight Studios
First‑Person AnimationGround Studios

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toThe production team of the Tunnel Rats film, Microsoft, IDV, NVIDIA, Firelight Technologies, RAD Game Tools, Team Vienna, Jurie Horneman, Thomas Kistler

Copyright Messages

Uses FMOD Sound System1994-2008 by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
Uses Bink VideoCopyright 1997-2008 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
Portions of this software utilize SpeedtreeRT technology2008 Interactive Data Visualization Inc., SpeedTree is a registered trademark of Interactive Data Visualization Inc., All rights reserved.
Portions hereof2002‑2008 by NVIDIA Corporation., All rights reserved.
Tunnel Rats© 2008 by Tunnel Rats Inc. - Canada, Developed by Team Toro

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (393952)