Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Windows)

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Intro Sequence
You, your knife, and a monkey...
A hungry dinosaur.
The first key
An alien attacks
The ancient city
You will encounter big crabs in the sewers
A demon warrior at "Lost Land" level
With this weapon you can freeze the enemy and make the explode
One of the trap filled bonus stages
The "Hub Ruins", which connect all the levels
One of the boss enemies: A hummer jeep
The mother of all leaper lizards
Sometimes portals are opening at random places. If you enter it, you will get to a bonus stage
Guard robot at level eight
This dinosaur can take many rockets before it dies
There are many details in the levels like this dinosaur skeleton
Tek arrows are a good way to get rid of the "Purlin" enemies
A big worm
Turok stepped into a trap
Turok had some nice death animations for the time
Is he drinking from the key?