Turok Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Spaceship entering the planet's orbit.
Intro screen
Close encounters are impressive and really fun.
A raptor that doesn't look so happy to see us.
You can also use a zoom-in funtion while wearing a weapon.
Industrial environment
I think he needs help.
Cut-scene: Kane presents you a bow.
I am badly hurt.
Yes, dual wielding is possible.
A good dino is a dead dino.
Yet another impressive view
Inside a complex
The bow is my all-time favorite.
Here is where I found it.
Your main objective is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.
I killed them. Both.
One unlucky dino...
The game is filled with impressive places!
The classic knife
Which can prove to be quite useful.
This wreckage will see a lot of bloodshed.
Those huge dinos only have a decorative role :)
Perform a silent kill by using a knife.
See that smoke? That's where I crashed!
A T-Rex!
One of the survivors
I have to clean up that place.
This game is full of funny death poses.
Unfortunately, you cannot explore that area.
Roland Kane is wanted.
Space the final frontier...
Some of the weapons you can use in this game.