Twin Sector Credits (Windows)

Everyone 10+
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Twin Sector Credits

DnS Development

Produced byAxel Deising
Written and Directed byPredrag Peshic
Technical DirectorAxel Deising
Lead ProgrammerAxel Deising
Game DesignPredrag Peshic, Axel Deising
Art DirectorPredrag Peshic
Level DesignPredrag Peshic, Axel Deising, Ivan Peshic
TexturesPredrag Peshic, Boris J. Mesarosh
ModelsPredrag Peshic, Igor Shushkalo, Boris J. Mesarosh
Level BuildingIgor Shushkalo, Boris J. Mesarosh, Predrag Peshic
ScriptingTina Hücker-Deising
Character ModelerAleksandr Stepurko
AnimationPredrag Peshic
Music & Sound DesignPredrag Peshic, Axel Deising
Original MusicAlbert Alvarez
Additional Game DesignIvan Peshic, Tina Hücker-Deising
Additional ProgrammingDjordje Knezhevic
Team ManagementPredrag Peshic, Axel Deising

Voice Actors - English

AshleyKelly Klemolin
OscarLee Gordon
KevinJay Johnson
BoydDavid Michael

Voice Actors - German

AshleyDoris Lauerwald
OscarStefan Sattler
KevinSebastian Walch
BoydChristoph Walter

Headup Games

Managing DirectorDieter Schoeller
ProducingMarcel Aldrup
PR & MarketingMichael Zolna
Special Thanks toNBG Multimedia [Distribution], Oliver Funke (Pixelz - Mediadesign), Tim Saueressig (Pixelz - Mediadesign), Bartels Schöne (Webdesign), Cyprian Hercka (Logo Animation), Simon Pingen (SK Düren), Nicole Glockmann, Waterdown

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (60673)