Twin Sector Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Barrel + Laser = Boom - at least most of the time.
Yeah right - trained as hell but on maintenance-duty. No wonder she agreed to be frozen.
Great now I've to play firewoman as well...
Someone call the architect of this place - he forgot the stairs!
The dumpster - the most secure place in the entire facility.
Compressed garbage can be useful.
HA - tricked you laser-trap!
This room is without gravity in a few seconds.
Underwater are the gloves useless - only muscle counts.
Turrets - what else.
Smashing a window obviously.
Shoot that evil barrel. Shoot it!
Oh for crying out loud...
Tracers are hard to kill - he still can take two hits.
A generator that's heavily secured.
A tracer - the only "living" enemy in the game.
Now what?
Preparing to "jump" over that gap.
With ventilators that size, it's no wonder my farts stink that much down here.
Portal anyone?
Crates - your best friend against laser-traps.
Well after so long in a cryosleep, a shower isn't that bad.
Someone forgot his explosives.
The turret killed me - but I guess you already knew that.
Defusing some explosives.
Powering up my gloves.
Lasers everywhere.
Finally the elevator and the end of the level.
They got a cinema down there but the movies shown aren't that good.
I think I've a tracer-problem.
Hey good-lookin'!
Fire, moving platforms and lasers - worst day ev4r!
Secure glass is an annoying invention.
The way to the boss is heavily defended.
Did I already mention crates?
Meet Kevin - the other AI down there.
An elevator shaft - of course with laser traps that activate in a few seconds.
So that's the big-ass computer terminal I've been trying to reach? Where's G.L.A. - I mean O.S.C.A.R.?