Two Worlds (Game of the Year Edition) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Talking to a street sweeper
Fighting a monster with a bow
Running through nebulous landscapes
The inventory
Followed by a dragon
A settlement in the desert
Talking to one of the desert inhabitants
Out of the dusty desert into lands of green
Running through the landscape by foot can take very long
One of many dangerous places in the game
An atmosphere like in a fairy tale
A burned village
Another part of the burned village
The game features lush environments
You are able to see up to the horizon
A warm and sunny evening at the river camp
You can ride horses to travel faster through the world
Enemies attack mostly in groups
If you got enough experience points, you'll raise a level up
Fighting an ice bear
This one seems hungry
Sometimes animals and monsters will fight each other too
Danger is coming from behind
The hero of the game
One of the bigger cities of the game
This city looks like a roman one
On most graveyards, you'll meet some unfriendly creatures like these zombies
Yummy yummy
Nights are shorter than days in this game
Just one of many beautiful views
The textures are pretty detailed
Dungeons are often full of skeletons
All my fans
Watch the sunset over the ocean
Heroes are not afraid of the dark
This horse was stolen from a necromancer
Staying on the pathways is safer than going through the wilderness
After i finished riding this horse, i cut a steak from it
The npcs faces have been improved in the goty edition
No, it's not Jean-Claude van Damme