Two Worlds II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Character generation before new game. It's pretty expansive, but you can just randomize the results.
Intro - fire god Aziraal speaks through your sister Kyra
One of your rescuers, Dar Pha
Rogdor, General of the Orc Army, explains the situation
The Prophet Cassara shares her vision of the future with you
Standing by a waterfall in my first armor
Inventory screen
The World Map fills in as you explore
Surveying the savannah aboard my trusty steed
Learning about becoming a mercenary for hire
It's good to be green! I am now somewhat resistant to poison.
About to pick a Master Lock inside a tomb
Lockpicking can be frustrating but rewarding when accomplished.
Seaside under a full moon
Reesa has a problem and will reward you with a one-night stand if you play it right.
This monstrosity "boss" must be killed at the end of Chapter 1
The architecture and atmosphere of New Athos have a very distinctive Japanese influence.
Fighting an "Ungodly Colossus" in an area called The Swallows
Chilling near an abandoned house, where I've completed a quest.
The game has some... not very discrete bloom and blur effects.
City sewers in the savannah are usually filled with dangerous mummies. In this shot, I'm starting to explore one.
Hatmandor is one huge city (vertically).
Well now, this looks interesting...
... or not.
Oculus at maximum range.
Sneaking about in dark tombs.
My work here is done.
Nope, not in a tomb anymore. That's inside the sewers, strangely enough.
Necromancy - the ultimate green practice!
Isn't that rather weird for elven gear?
Instead of all that protection, they should have paid more attention to the necessary repairs...
I'm just going to assume that the guy's blind...
Antaloor looks rather different here...
Say what?
Sailing, sailing away...
Quite a display. Also, what are the candles in this game made of to burn endlessly without melting?
Bones, bones everywhere.
Angry horses don't care that you're a master necromancer.