Two Worlds Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Start Menu
Options Screen
Creating a new character.
Stats and Skills Tab
The starting dungeon
Inventory window - there are 2 pages for items; Alchemy brewing on the right, which changes to the vendor window when buying/selling
Welcome outside.
Talking with an NPC.
Magic window - shows all the spells you have. Only 3 can be used at any one time, though, by dragging each to the left side. There are 5 schools of magic.
Map and Quest Log window
Fighting off a pack of wolves.
Running through the grassy plains.
Reputation and Statistics window
It's no Ultima, simply a health shrine.
The first village
A house interior
A mysterious stranger in a mist
Surrounded by Groms.
At the lake with moonlight
You can attack while riding the horse.
The armour is very detailed.
Entrance to the cave.
Sunrise in the forest
A node through which character talks with his sister.
Conversation with the sister
A valley overview
The camp of the Brotherhood
A haunted outpost
Engaged in battle with skeletons.
Glacier Orcs' camping site
Something is strange in a Broomhill village.
The more you take north, the more snow will become visible.
A river valley overview
Me and my summoned Demon
Walking on city streets
Teleporter found - at least 60 of them in the game
Should I fight this dragon, or take stage left & avoid confrontation.
A Black Tower looms ahead (there are 4 of these)
A fortress (notice the bandit campsite to the right)