Quote from the Two Worlds website ( "If you have a US, UK or AU version (PC) you don't need the Service Release 1.5! Your version is already 1.5!"

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It was #3 in a Top 10 of Worst Games of 2007 by Game Informer Magazine Issue #77 (January, 2008).

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In December 2006, ZUXXEZ made a special pre-order package called Xmas edition which was limited to 1,000 units and was sold for 109,99€. Besides the Royal Edition it included a Two Worlds Personal Organizer and either the "Sword of Darkness" or the "Sword of Vaelen" which both are real swords out of the Swords of the Ancients"series by KitRae. Both swords can also be found and used in the game.

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