Tzar: The Burden of the Crown Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Attacking a town
Night attack on the wizards' mountain.
In such situations, saving can be a saviour, especially since you can easily loose your hero if surrounded by enemy troops.
In the final battle against the ultimate evil, all four of your heroes will be present, and you'l get to command all three great nations.
Emphasis goes on the resources and food as that's the stronghold for making an army.
Some missions are based on quick and skillful tactics, but this ship can nevertheless wreck havoc on enemy troops.
All missions and quests are a part of major story, like a chapters to some book, and very skilfully connected. You almost get a feeling you're playing some RPG and not RTS.
In some occasions, you'll be able to pick your own answers and make allies... or not.
There is actually only one map that has a snow on it (in the story, not in skirmish or multiplayer mode), and it's suited in asian parts where you get to control ninjas.
In this rather awkward situation, both your and enemy commander are frozen by an enemy wizard. Opposing forces are whacking on each, and first one to die, loses.
There are some nicely rendered shots randomly picked as loading screens each time the game's being loaded or new mission begins.
This happens only once per mission, hehe, and it's really earned each time.
Computer is either guarding this bridge or forces are stuck.
Heavy catapults have the ultimate range and power over structures.
Calling upon a mighty crusade.
Battle rages through the thick forest you can hardly say who is your ally, your foe, which forces are your own.
Food is the main resource for raising the army, and whenever near the water it's good to have a couple of fishing boats.
Conjuring dragons may deprive you of gold but will deprive your enemy of much much more.
Night attack of skeleton army, although weak they may buy you some time for building defenses.
The final heavily fortified outpost in a skirmish battle, but computer seems to breach the defenses.
Computer is wreaking havoc on our last stronghold in LAN skirmish battle.
Mages using their lightning attack while the stone golems are tearing apart an enemy base.
Gathering rocks
Farm... in winter.

And others barracks. :D
The player may choose to position the sidebar on either side of the screen...
...or at the bottom of the screen.