UFO: Aftermath Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
The Geoscape... er... World View
Zoomed in on the Mediterranean
Tutorial Mission Combat Map
Two units rush the gate
A soldier's Stats and Inventory screen
A soldier leveling up
Debriefing Screen after a mission
The Engineering... er... Development Screen
The UFOpedia... er... I mean Glossary
One of the many loading screens
Urban Combat in the ruins of cities
Seattle has seen better days
Here gunfire is exchanged between the resistance forces and an enemy
A closeup view of a Morelman, a formerly human, mutant creature.
Units have their movements queued and displayed on the map.
Here units infiltrate a former military base underground
Another biological monster
Hello? Anybody in here?
Just your everyday heavily guarded military installation
Me? I like long range weapons. Stay far far away from me monster!
Boom Baby Boom! Take that Monster!
A battle out in forest terrain
This soldier looks satisfied over his kill
Human resistance forces swarm over the hill
You don't actually control Interceptors, but you can watch videos of them engaging UFOs.
Go! Go! Go! Secure the room!
A loading screen like this really sets the tone.
The crashed UFO makes a mess of the cityscape