uin Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Introduction sequence
These are your tasks, get to it!
Avoiding a small enemy
The limbo area
This character can help you get around.
Chased by a spider
It is very protective of its egg.
A mysterious black hole... where does it go?
The task becomes a bit clearer.
New ability acquired
Some coins have been dug up.
Air battle
Two different enemies underwater
Dropped into a crater
A very tricky maze
Is it friendly?
Meeting the character from the introduction again
The large gate in the limbo area
Gambling for gold
Fighting on top of a ship
This character is defended by stars.
Floating inside a bubble
Attacked by a giant worm spitting teeth
Using the new obliterate attack
A sliding puzzle
It looks sad...
Three doors... where do they lead?
This monster absorbs your bullets.
Another encounter with your brother
Space beetles
Worms appear
Finally another human character
It's a massacre!