Written by  :  Sam Tinianow (116)
Written on  :  Jan 14, 2001

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Well seeing as I could hardly even play it...

The Good

Boy, that's a tough one. Um... the design on the box?

The Bad

Soon after my first day of adventuring, I didst maketh a fastinating discovery: Ultima IX sucketh! It appears that you need to have all of the most advanced peripherals and about a bazillion gajillion megs of ram just to be able to play this game without it randomly crashing. It appears that either Ultima IX is holier than thou and cannot be played by us meager peons with only Direct 3D accelerators and 96 Mb rams, or it was made by a team who obviously wasn't paying attention to a lot of important details.

The Bottom Line

If you're a big fan of the Ultima series... then that doesn't even matter. The bottom line is, Ultima IX is too demanding and too bug-ridden to even play and have fun with. Just don't bother with this one.