Ultima IX: Ascension Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The first thing you see after the logos is this introduction movie. Britannia seems to be peaceful... but for how long?..
The game starts on Earth, in Avatar's house, without a title screen. Lots of detail, and even an advertisement for a new game...
Typical Ultima-style character creation, offered by the wise gypsy woman and based on your ethical choices (German version)
There is plenty of wildlife, even during the prologue on Earth. If you're really cruel, you can also attack this goat...
Finally, you are transported to Britannia! And you start casting spells right away!.. Note the lavish decorations
At night at the docks. Clad in chainmail now. Nice ax, too!..
Early battle against a pesky archer on a cliff. Trying to knock him down with a fire sword I just got
Just a regular day in the capital city. Note the blacksmith and his dog
I attempt to kill an innocent woman right in front of Lord British's palace. Stop that, crazy Avatar!..
Gorgeous Museum in Britannia
I just cast a crystal spell and am hitting Richard Garriott's nose with visible arrows: only in Ultima IX!..
The Avatar - front view. Notice the chicken in the doorway!
One of the eight ominous evil columns that the Avatar must nullify
Your friend Raven will take you anywhere you wish to go aboard her vessel
The map of Britannia with your location displayed
Talking to a "wingless" Gargoyle
About to enter a Moongate
You can actually see the raindrops in this shot. Here, the Avatar is in the process of cleansing a shrine.
You'll find quite a few books in the game, with... err... various content! If you ever have a need ... 101 ways to cook Dragon!
Ship navigation! Sail around, discover new places... that kind of thing
Exploring abandoned mines. A skeleton warrior is ahead. Some bones lie on the ground - you have to hide them, or they'll come back to life... I cast Light to see better
The journal is beautifully designed. On this page you can see spell information
A somewhat surreal scene: you fight a tricky phase spider with a lightning sword, while the farmer and his pig are watching!.. An enchanted field is nearby
The graphics in the game are magically beautiful. Watch the sunset outside... breath the fresh air...
There is a lot of custom fun to be had in Ultima IX! Here, you zoom on a young woman (note the nice animation!), and literally put gold at her feet... nice going, Avatar!..
Ahh, just a nice day in the forest. Assuming the fighting stance - even though no one seems to be around. Preparing to make spells on the pentagram
As the sun rises in the east, the Avatar takes on a fearsome Crustacean!..
One of the game's pre-rendered movie cutscenes. Do it to me, baby!.. ... ...and she does!..
A closer view of one of the evil columns, this time inside the Dungeon Shame
First-person view is available at any time! It is particularly useful for such situations - when you use your bow to fight crazy purple dudes
Yikes!.. A boss battle against a rather unattractive creature. This guy seems to throw some... crap at me. No, really!..
There are lots of diving opportunities in the game. Watch out: you've almost run out of air in this underwater tunnel!..
A typical dungeon situation: atmospheric decay, chunks of slain enemies on the floor, and the Avatar nicely showing off the effects of a fire protection spell
Even most dungeons have plenty of objects to fool around with. Here you can see interaction, object-dragging, etc. - all with an open inventory bag
The demon I summoned stupidly hits empty air with a powerful spell. A hostile guard jumped onto the roof and is hitting the air there. It's all cool, I'm not judging
The dungeons in the game are ominous. You feel lonely, standing on a platform in the middle of a lava field...
Magnificent garden scenery. Yet, I felt the need to summon a hideous undead to crawl through this lovely garden... I'm weird that way
An exquisitely decorated magic shop. The servant is sweeping the floor. Beautiful art behind the counter. Close third-person view
On a rainy day, you take on a powerful demon and his hellhound!
Chatting with the people in Buccaneers' Den
Visited a lovely tavern. Art on the walls. Note the realistic animation of that drinking guy.
Was it good for you too?.. Yup, this is a shot of a post-coitus Avatar: he just spent some of the hard-earned money on this lady of questionable conduct... Didn't the sword bother you guys?..
Swimming through the sea! Admiring the lovely clouds: look at the sun behind them!.. A big fish is nearby
Jumping from joy in front of the majestic palace in Trinsic
Stormy weather during town exploration
You'll visit some pretty surreal places on your journey. This one is just... unreal. Note the moon in the sky
Arrival upon the strange island of Terfin
Vertigo effects of 3D. Jumping exercises are not uncommon in dungeons. I undressed the Avatar down to his underwear, put aside the gear, and let him jump...
Do not - I repeat, do not - attempt to engage maniacal one-eyed guys found in secret rooms without basic protection!
One of the game's final locations: appropriately dark and mysterious. The Avatar has some nice equipment