Ultima Online: Third Dawn Credits (Windows)

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Ultima Online: Third Dawn Credits


Vice President of Online OperationsC. Gordon Walton
Co ‑ ProducersRick Hall, Bryan Walker
Live Team ProducerCarly Staehlin-Taylor
Executive AssistantMaria Falvey
Lead ProgrammerKirk Black
Live Team Lead ProgrammerWilliam Dalton
ProgrammersBrian Crowder, Pierre Gagné, Ed Groover, Clark Janes, Christian Lassonde, John Matzen, Kevin Saffel, Tim Schubert, Jason Spangler, Chuck Zoch
Particle System ProgrammerAcy Stapp
Lead DesignerPaul D. Sage
Designers and World BuildersDaniel Buckler, Greg Chapman, Tom Chilton, Tom Eidson, Rob Ellis II, Tom Ivey, Jonathan LeCraft, Michael Moore, Tim Schubert, Pete Warner
Art DirectorMichael Morlan
Art LeadScott Jones
Additional Art and AnimationsSteve Collier, Jeremy Dombroski, Jonathan LeCraft, Zoltan Meszaros, Alan Perez, Aaron Thibault
Audio DirectorMat Mitchell
Sound and Music DesignJeremiah Clifton, Clark Crawford, Darryl S. Duncan, Zafer Hamza, Aaron Thibault
Motion Capture DirectorBrendon Wilson
Motion Capture ActorMichael Morlan
New Creature ConceptsDenis R. Loubet
Networking and OperationsKevin Kwast, David Truong
Quality Assurance ManagerMiles Andrews
Quality Assurance Software EngineerBryce Maryott
Quality Assurance LeadsBrian DuBose, Mack Fair
Quality Assurance TestersDan Campbell, Lindsay Collier, JoAnna Frazar, Patrick Leger, Linda Licon, Monte Mathis, Craig McDonald, Jens Page, Todd Raffray, David Saleh, Mike Seal, Jonathan Shelus, Josh Stoke, Jamie Strong
External Lead TesterBonnie Davis

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (26469)