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Ultimate Hunt Challenge Pack (Windows)

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Ultimate Hunt Challenge Pack Credits

Inland Production Entertainment

EA Design TeamMichael Waite, Randy Dersham, Sean O'Connor
Inland Design TeamMichael Cihak, Scott Williamson, Rob Nicholls
Executive ProducersMichael Cihak, Scott Williamson
Associate ProducerRob Nicholls
ProgrammersBrian Bilicki, Joe Chang, Anthony J. Rod, John R. Sanderson
World and Model ArtistsMike Cronin, Andy Dorizas, Steve Gehrke, Jamie Learned, Sean McMenemy, Ed Reck, Andy Szaflarski, Ben Throop
Interface Design and ArtDaniel Bernard
Music and SoundMichael Cihak, Matthew Scott
Original Music CompositionsMichael Cihak, Matthew Scott, 2000 Electronic Arts Music Publishing Inc., 2000 Electronic Arts Inc.
Additional MusicDon Veca, Alistair Hirst, 2000 Electronic Arts Music Publishing Inc., 2000 Electronic Arts Inc.

Electronic Arts Seattle

Executive ProducerRandy Dersham
ProducerMichael Waite
Associate ProducerSean O'Connor
Sr. Development DirectorKen Embery
Design ConsultantBrian Gallardo
Production AssistantsDavid Drury Allen, Neal Hallgarth
Online ProgrammingJohn Fawcett, Chuck Walters, Stefan Press, Michael D. Jones
Additional Interface ProgrammingNeed For Speed III Team
Interface Design and ArtDrew Robertson
Original Music CompositionsKevin Manthei, KMM Productions, 2000 Redwing Music Inc., 2000 Electronic Arts Inc
MusiciansAndy Bauer, Robert Berry, Josh Kramon, Tim McGuire
Additional MusicDon Veca, Alistair Hirst, 2000 Electronic Arts Music Publishing Inc., 2000 Electronic Arts Inc.
Video Design and ProductionTroy Church, Creative Fuse
Voice TalentKen Boynton
Voice RecordingBad Animals Studios
Hunting ConsultantsRuss Chastain, Jeffery Christensen
Online Beta CoordinatorKristine Bryan
Quality Assurance ManagerCaesar Filori
Quality Assurance CoordinatorMike Cody
Quality Assurance TechnicianShawn I. Neal
Quality Assurance LeadsAllen Burkhart, John Cummings
Quality Assurance Senior TesterBrian A. Kirkness
Quality Assurance TestersB. J. Annette, Aaron Braganza, James G. Cook, Scott Correy, Spencer Davis, Joseph Easter, Rick Gusa, Zach Hays, Matt Ilon, Christopher Lee, Jon Milton, Dale Sanderson, Ian Smithers, Kurt Weidinger
MasteringTracey M. Frankcom, Conan E. Chamberlain

Electronic Arts Canada

Tools and LibrariesFrank Barchard, Barton Jaques, Daniel Kennett, Tony Lam, Iain Macanulty, David Mercier, Kaz Okuda, Gerry Shaw
Hardware Compatibility LabColin Cox, Brian Oberquell, D'Arcy Gog, Zech Prinz
Product Marketing ManagerKeith Munro

Electronic Arts Redwood Shores

DocumentationJessica Poorée
Package Cover IllustrationStan Watt
Package DesignPOPGUN Design
Package Art DirectionEA Creative Services
Senior Project ManagerCole Bronn
Public RelationsCharles Scibetta, Trudy Muller
Customer Quality Control ManagerJoel Knutson
Customer Quality Control RepresentativesAndrew Young, Anthony Alexander, Benjamin Crick, Darryl Jenkins, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard
Special ThanksBob Aniello, Daniel Berke, David Bollesen, Michael Condrey, Gregory D'Esposito, Brian Gallardo, Ted Gordon, Alistair Hirst, Andrew J. Hura, Julie Keating, Mathew Levenson, Mike Mathison, Sam Nelson, Blair Peters, Darin Petersen, Mark Runyan, John Schmidt, Jim Terdina, Danielle Turyna, Amory Wong

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