Ultimate Might and Magic Archives Credits


Executive ProducerTrish Wright
DirectorFeargus Urquhart (Black Isle Studios Division)
ProducerDouglas W. Avery (Line Producer), Eric DeMilt
Marketing ManagerDebbie Howell
Business ManagerJamie Leece
Sales CoordinatorBetsi Gijanto
Director of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
Quality Assurance ManagersColin Totman, Steve Victory
Quality Assurance Project SupervisorJeremy Ray
Quality Assurance TestersHerschel Greenberg, Daniel Levin, Michael Scharnikow, David L. Simon
I.S./Compatibility ManagerFrank Pimentel
I.S. TechniciansBill Delk, Thomas Quast
Compatibility TechniciansDerek Bibbs, Louie Iturzaeta, Jonathan Darke, Eduardo Robles, Joshua Walters
Traffic ManagerJulie Anne Garcia
Manual DesignHolly Lambert

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Credits for this game were contributed by PCGamer77 (3001)