Ultimate Ride Credits (Windows)

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Ultimate Ride Credits

Disney Interactive

ProducerPhilip Hopbell
Lead ArtistJason Chayes
Technology ManagerPaul Lahaise
Marketing ManagerJackie Moss
Voice TalentJennifer Hale

Gigawatt Studios

Executive Producer David Koenig
ProducerElena Siegman
Technical DirectorRobert Knaack
Game DesignGary Brown, David Koenig
Art DirectionYoni Koenig, Quinn Tetterton
ProgrammersMichael Uhlik, Brian Anderson, Bryan Pearson
Additonal ProgrammersRobert Knaack, Michael Schwartz, Tara Kraft, Graham Best
Level DesignPatrick Lavelle, Gary Brown, Brian Tuey, Mike Pirozzi
Lead Graphic DesignQuinn Tetterton
Graphic DesignChristoph Jess, Kue Xiong
3D ArtistsYoni Koenig, Jin Choung, Ahmed Hoke, Tracy Lee
Sound Design and Music CompositionJack Wall
Additional SoundMichael Uhlik, Brian Tuey, Bill Black
Bonus Music ( Ultimate Wide) Alan Marino

Quality Assurance

Senior ManagerDavid Arnspiger
SupervisorJim Mowery
Project LeadAndrea Ortiz
Test TeamBernie Leon, Michael Verceles, Jesse Levy, Saaren Ghazi, Eric Bitton, Manuel Aguilar
Technology TeamScott Torroll, David Yeung, Mario Donis, Emil Haghnazarian, Brian Haynie, Caesar Infante, Jaime Serrano
Operations and SupportSusan Carne
Customer Support Liasion and ManualPatrick R. Burns
Documentation SupervisorBarry Schwartz
Online ProducerSanae Barber

The Producers wish to thank the following people for service and support

Special Thanks to Henry Foote, Toby Vise, Wayne Gray, Lee Zane, William Leppala, David C. Seale, Richard Torres, Brian Ratte, Midiboy , Darwin Rodriguez, Adam Chayes, Tom Helpner, Dominick Ziccarelli, Alan Liebowitz, John Shackleton, William Mencichillo, Alan Glueckman, James Dillinger, Jose Lopez
Monroe White III, Josh Horowitz, Bub Dudley, Heather Moher, John Silva, Joseph Cataudella, Glenn Wickman, Brian Winkeler, Jordan Blackman, Armond B. Clark, Travis Prebble, Michael Dwiel, Carolann Quinn, Theresa Spielbauer, Paul van Deurs, William Reichard, Mike Weiner, Christopher Tellez, Keith L. Graydon, John Vernon, Kim Gunnarson, Ken Rumsey, James Sutliff, Gregg Wright, Peter Babic, Daniel Chayes, Winthrop Chan, Alexander Conserva, Tom Schurman, Fairuza Balk, ManEater, Jamie Berger, Mia Noriko Watanabe, The Letter B, FR33Z3RBURN, Laura Kampo, Saki Lahaniatis, Qing Yuan, The Number 7, Bender, Tyler Eaves, Michael Minnis, Don Karl, theendlesswinter, Ekim, David Bondi, Ashley A. Morgan, Mark R. Steenbock, ganchmaster, Scott Davis
A special thanks for their generous support and guidance goes to All the members of Ultimateridgame.com, The Imagineers at Walt Disney Imagineering

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stillman (7504)