Ultimate Spider-Man Credits

Developed by Beenox

Executive ProducerDee Brown
ProducerStéphane Brault
Chief Technology OfficerSylvain Morel
Technical LeadSébastien Poirier
ProgrammersSimon Couture, Thomas-David Tremblay, Patrick Boulay, Mathieu Leblanc
Quality AssuranceMarc-Antoine Jutras, Mathieu St-Gelais

Published by Activision Publishing, Inc.

President, Worldwide StudiosKathy Vrabeck


Head of Worldwide StudiosCharles J. Huebner
Executive ProducerScott Walker
ProducerBrian Pass
Associate ProducersJuan Valdes, Suzy Luko, Carlos Rodriguez, William Townsend, Benjamin DeGuzman
Production CoordinatorsDerek Racca, Brian Morrison
Installer/Flash ProgrammerRyan Ford

Marketing and Public Relations

Global Brand ManagersLisa Perry, Ted Chi
Associate Brand ManagerVicharin Vadakan
Director, Global Brand ManagementRobert Kostich
VP, Global Brand ManagementWill Kassoy
SVP, Global Brand ManagementRobin Kaminsky
Director, Corporate CommunicationsMichelle Schroder
Manager, Corporate CommunicationsRyh-Ming C. Poon
Publicist, Corporate CommunicationsAaron Grant
Junior Publicist, Corporate CommunicationsLindsay Morio

Quality Assurance/Customer Support

Project LeadJonas Anderson
QA ManagerJohn Rosser
Test TeamAndrew Armbruster, Bill Borre, Casey Cambridge, Kevin Feiner, Mark Soriano
Sr. Manager, Code Release GroupTim Vanlaw
Lead, Code Release GroupJefrey Sedivy
Floor Lead, Code Release GroupKim Park
Test Team, Code Release GroupEric Stanzione, Dan Saffron, Randy Coffman, Ray Avila, Naomi Palermo, Jabari Mwinyi
Senior Project Lead, Compatibility LabNeil Barizo
Senior Tester, Compatibility LabChristopher Neal
Test Team, Compatibility LabJohn DeShazer, Jason Sa
Customer Support LeadsGary Bolduc (Phone Support), Michael Hill (E-mail Support)
CS/QA Special ThanksJim Summers, Jason Wong, Marilena Morini, Matthew McClure, Nadine Theuzillot, Edward Clune, Indra Yee, Joule Middleton, Todd Komesu, Nicholas Westfield, Anthony Hatch Korotko, Vyente Ruffin, Chris Keim Sr., David Garcia-Gomez, Adam Hartsfield, Francis Jimenez, Willie Bolton, Chad Siedhoff, Jennifer Vitiello, Jeremy Shortell, Peter McKernan, Mike Rixford, Dylan Rixford, Tyler Rivers, Sara Button, Vanessa Schlais


Senior Director of Business & Legal AffairsGregory Deutsch
Senior CounselPhilip Terzian, Jay Komas
Senior ParalegalMichael James Larson
Legal Administrative AssistantDanielle Kim

Creative Services

VP, Creative Services & OperationsDenise Walsh
Director of Creative ServicesMatthew Stainner
Creative Services Assistant ManagerShelby Yates
Packaging & Manual DesignIgnited Minds LLC
Activision Special ThanksRyan Pass, Taylor Pass, Jamie Bafus, Chris Hewish, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Ryan Rucinski, Jay Gordon, Aaron Gray, Ken Fox, Lalie Fisher, Daniel Firestone, Neven Dravinski, John Sweeney, Derek C. Smith, Matt Morton, Kelly Byrd, Jeff Poffenbarger, Adam Goldberg, Laird M. Malamed, Sasha Rebecca Gross, Michael Ward, Michael Fletcher, Andre Kinniebrew, Nicole Willick, Steve Rosenthal, Nick Falzon, Carlos Garcia, Omari Valentine, Patrick J. Kelly

Marvel Enterprises, Inc.

Vice President of InteractiveAmes Kirshen
Executive ProducerAmes Kirshen
President of Worldwide Consumer ProductsTimothy Rothwell
Legal AffairsSeth Michael Lehman, Joshua M. Silverman, Carl Suecoff
Special ThanksAvi Arad, Ari Arad, Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, Amy Sowers-Wyckoff

Activision UK

Senior VPTricia Bertero
VP- UK, Emerging Markets & European MarketingRoger Walkden
Head of Publishing ServicesNathalie Ranson
UK Marketing DirectorScott Morrison
Senior Brand ManagerAlison Mitchell
Localisation ManagerTamsin Lucas
Senior Localisation Project ManagerMark Nutt
Localisation Project ManagerSimon Dawes, Corinne Callois
Creative Services ManagerJackie Sutton
European Public Relations DirectorTim Ponting
PR Manager UK/ROESuzanne Panter
PR Executive UKBozena Eatwell
European Operations ManagerHeather Clarke
Production PlannersVictoria Fisher, Lynne Moss

Activision Germany

Marketing DirectorStefan Luludes
PR‑ManagerBernd Reinartz
PR‑ExecutiveMartin Pitzl
Brand ManagerThomas Schmitt
IT & Web ManagerThorsten Hübschmann
German LocalisationEffective Media GmbH

Activision Italia

General ManagerPaolo Chisari
Marketing ManagerLaura Lombardi
Brand ManagerPaolo Pastorelli
Italian LocalisationSynthesis International

Activision Spain

Managing DirectorCarlos Pombo
Marketing ManagerJavier Rodriguez
Brand ManagerEduardo Lopez
Sales ManagerJose Manuel Louro
Spanish LocalisationSynthesis International

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (172980) and Wizo (29266)