Ultimate Spider-Man Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Spider-sense tingling!
Diving into times square
These icons mark racing courses
Unlockables menu
Venom escapes! (cutscene)
Jog in central park= Tentacle rape by Venom
Venom hates Spider-man fanboys!
Special guest star: Wolverine!
Following Rhino's trail of destruction
Boss fight! Hit the weak point!
I said I want your car Bitch!!! Oh... Wait, wrong game.
Heading for work at the Daily Bugle
Ultimate Spider-Man: The Frank Miller version.
Spidey does not want tentacle rape
Venom Vs Electro
Spidey tries his jokes on the Beetle
Spidey's had enough of Venom's tentacle raping
Webbing shocker up
About to race against the Human Torch
Completing challenges upgrades Spidey's abilities
To quote Scorpion: Come here!
Doing a Van Damme!
Cleaning up the town, thug by thug.
Leaping away after a one-two combo
These bozos won't even know what hit them
Venom can leap around the city hulk-style
Causing mayhem with some flying cars
No one is safe from tentacle raping!!
SHIELD does not take kindly to having Venom running around raping people
Nick Fury is black now, and looks like Samuel Jackson
Game Over!