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Ultimate Yahtzee (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Ultimate Yahtzee Credits

Hasbro Interactive

ProducerChris Down
Assistant ProducersKevin Buckner, Louise McTighe
Creative DirectorJohn Sutyak
Senior DesignerChris Down
Director of MarketingGary Carlin
VP of Research & DevelopmentTony Parks
Manager of SalesLee McLaughlin
PromotionsJennifer Smartt
Quality AssuranceMarc Durant, Jeff Grady, Jennifer Kaczor, Marsha Ledbury, Matt Nolte, ROMNET, XXCAL
Special ThanksRichard Blewett, Danielle Brady, Thomas Dusenberry, Tracy Kureta
Product ManagerDebbie Shlens
Project ManagerKevin Gillespie
Creative Services ManagerSteve Webster
ManualPat Capozzi
LocalizationSamantha Parker
PurchasingPaula DeProspero

PCA, Inc.

Gene Bodio, Phil Lamarbre, David Bellino
MusicJeff Bova
SFXJeff Bova
Programming for PCA by Third-i ProductionsTim Mensch, Tom Mensch, Steven Pearson
Special ThanksJack McMahon, Taylor McCormick Graphics

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (119751)