Uncommon Valor: Campaign for the South Pacific Credits


In Memory ofMichael Musser (1941-2001)
Executive ProducersJoel Billings, David Heath
Design and DevelopmentJoel Billings, Gary Grigsby, David Heath, Michael Wood
ProgrammingKeith Brors, Gary Grigsby, Michael Wood
Scenario DesignsRichard Dionne
Art and GraphicsIain Christie, Marc Schwanebeck, George Thanos
Logo Art DesignsMarc Schwanebeck
Video Design and LayoutRon Gretz
User Manuals EditorsJoel Billings, Kevin Greer, Michael Peck
Manual Layout and DesignKevin Greer, Ross Moorhouse, Marc Schwanebeck
Music Composed byDerek Boain
Sound EffectsDavid Heath
Playtest CoordinatorRoss Moorhouse
PlaytestersJim Berg Sr., Joel Billings, Michael Blair, Richard Dionne, Douglas Gold, William Gregor, Gary Grigsby, Daniel Heath, David Heath, Larry Holt, Kris Hubble, Edward Jenkins, Louis Jones, Mike Kraemer, Matthew Leach, Ed Morrison, Matt Morrissey, Michael Peck, Richard L. Porter, Michael Rea, Erik Rutins, Marc Schwanebeck, Terry M. Simo, Michael Tapner, Paul Vebber, Jason Wilborn, Gaylon Williams, James Wirth, Michael Wood
Web Site DesignMarc Schwanebeck
Our StrengthWe thank God for giving us the ability and strength to complete this project and follow on our dream. We also like to thank our families girlfriends and friends for giving us their non-stop love and support during this project.
DedicationThis game is dedicated to all the men and women who fought and died during The South Pacific Campaign.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (179288) and formercontrib (159663)