Undercover: Operation Wintersun Credits

Developed by Sproing

ProducerGeorg Heinz
Game DesignGeorg Heinz
DialogsGeorg Heinz
Executive ProducerHarald Riegler
StoryHarald Riegler, Georg Heinz
Lead ProgrammerStefan Reinalter
ProgrammerGerhard Seiler, Georg Selig
Creative DirectorAthena Engine, Gerhard Seiler
Lead Graphic DesignerEmanuel Amler
Lead AnimatorTim Meredith
3D GraphicsMason Doran, Stefan Kubicek
Sound FXHenrik Jakoby
MusicHenrik Jakoby
TestingFlorian Bagar
ScriptingFlorian Bagar
Video EditingClemens Fischer, Johannes Mücke
Quality AssuranceThomas Lausecker
Additional GraphicsRABCAT, Benedikt Podlesnigg, Alex Peters, Johannes Tripolt
3D EngineTRINIGY www.trinigy.com

Published by dtp

Development DirectorMathias Reichert
Senior ProducerMarc Buro
QA LeadMathias Reinke
TesterColin Bien, Henning Bösken, Eicke Böschen, Ole Christian Böttcher, Tomasz Manthey, Maren Nötzelmann, André Scheuermann, Dieter Schmidt, Marc Schönbrun
Marketing & Public RelationsOlgierd Cypra, Carsten Fichtelmann, Timo Gerken, Thorsten Hamdorf, Claas Paletta, Claas Wolter
Game ManualMarc Buro, Stefan Sturm

Published in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Benelux territories by Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing B.V.

CEOErik Schreuder
Vice President Business DevelopmentSteve Wall
Global Marketing DirectorLorraine Lue
Development ManagerRaymond Snippe
European Public RelationsRaymond Snippe
PR AssistantTamara Robeer
Marketing AssistantTamara Robeer
Product ManagerBas Roestenberg
Art DirectorMichael van Zijl
Country Manager UKHoward Newmark
Game TestersAngelique Houtveen, Melissa Meeuwsen, Twan Mul, Allison Skerl
North American Public Relations AgencyMichael Meyers Public Relations

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Credits for this game were contributed by dvdeus (879) and PolloDiablo (16898)