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The UnderGarden (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

The UnderGarden Credits

Artech Studios

Game Designed and Developed byArtech Studios
Game DesignThe UnderGarden Team
DirectorsRick Banks, Paul Butler
Head of EngineeringAntonio Santamaria
Project CoordinatorAnu Lindeman
Lead ProgrammerJimmy Lord
Programming TeamNicholas Edgar, Tim Park, Christopher Cork, Rob Kilbride, Terry Appleby, David Eccleston, Andrew Creskey, Peter Meneguzzi, Cyril MacIsaac
Additional ProgrammingEvan Hahn, Christian Thiffault
Art DirectorKristofer Eggleston
Lead ModelerJean-Francois Charbonneau
ModelersFrancis Adam, Bruno Fournier, Veronique Belanger, Benoit Lacroix, Audrey Hotte, Mélyna Paquette
Design CoordinatorPaul Desmarais
Level DesignersFarid El-Nemr, Luc Bégin, Jan Kozlowski, Adam Pilkington
MusicMike Keogh
Sound EffectsMike Keogh
AnimationCory Humes
QA InternTimothy Camelin
Special ThanksAnthony Jacobson, Erin Catto, Carmen Richer, Emilio Santamaria, Maria Santamaria, Carmelina Foti

Atari - Production

ProducerMichael Fahrny
Senior ProducerJonathan Moses
VP of Product DevelopmentPierre Hintze
VP of Business DevelopmentAnthony Jacobson
Director of Business DevelopmentMichael Scharnikow
Senior Manager Certification, North AmericaCecilia Munoz
Q.A. Project LeadPaul Phillips
Manager, Compatibility and Engineering ServicesDavid Strang
Senior Director of Strategic Planning & DevelopmentWill Treves
Customer Relations ManagerJames Giambrone

Atari - Marketing, Sales and Operations

VP, Head of MarketingJonathan Anastas
Senior Brand ManagerTony Chien
Brand ManagerJanet Casamento
Associate Product ManagerAshley Joseph
Manager, Public RelationsTiyson Reynolds
Creative Services SpecialistCassandra Brown
Director of CommunicationsAlissa Bell
Creative ManagerJohn Kauderer
Marketing SpecialistDon Louie
VP SalesRobert Spellerberg
Channel Marketing CoordinatorJoanna Negron
Senior National Sales DirectorsStephanie Ponce, Melani Windham
Director of OperationsRobert Lovatt
Senior BuyerLisa Leon
BuyerTara Moretti

Atari - Information Technologies

IT ManagerArnaldo Espinal
Project ManagerNaga Sayani
InternJonathan Vargas

Atari - Royalties

Director, RoyaltiesTodd Shallbetter
Manager, RoyaltiesBill Mardel
Royalty Statement ManagerEricka Archibald

Atari - Legal and Finance

SVP & General Counsel, North AmericaKristen J. Keller (Esq.)
VP Legal & Business AffairsBrandy A. Carrillo
Director, Legal & Business AffairsJames Mazlen
Contracts ParalegalKimberly Ingersoll
Trademarks ParalegalMyrna Anderson
CFO of Atari SAPhillip Veneziano
Accounting ManagerJohn Belcastro
Inventory ControlDenise Duhaney
Sales AnalystEvette Gonzalez
Credit/Chargeback AnalystJoel Henry
Manager, Credit and CollectionsShawn Green
Manager, Accounts PayableMichael Leung
Manager, Payroll/HR and BenefitsYolanda Bulla
Sr. Financial AnalystMarshall Altman
Manager, FinanceLinda Lee

Atari - Corporate Officers

President of Atari S.A.Jim Wilson
Chief Executive Officer, AtariJeffrey Lapin
Member of Board of Directors, AtariJeffrey Lapin

Atari - Special Thanks

Special ThanksJennifer Britt, Jamie Iadisernia, Mihir Sheth, Tim Lebel

GlobalStep, LLC

PresidentGagan Ahluwalia
CEOGagan Ahluwalia
Managers, Game TestingPrashanth Kannan, Sumit Arora
QA Team LeadSaurabh Bhosale
QA TestersRavindra Joshi, Surendra Sawant

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (294301)