The UnderGarden Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Loading Screen
This is the main hub where you can access the different levels.
Activating the warp zone to enter an area.
Use the balls to push down the platform.
Generating the halo to carry around some fruit.
Speeding through a small tunnel, while restoring the flowers.
A special flower (to the left) has been located.
The camera zooms out for larger areas.
Raising a platform to continue to the left.
Approaching a green pollen sack.
Use yellow fruit to push platforms down.
An explosion clears the rocks.
Look how happy it is, having just activated a checkpoint.
The musician alone is not enough to push the platform down.
I need that bomb.
Using the halo to carry the bomb up.
If you don't like the colour palette, carry a musician to change it.
There is so much going on here!
I got trapped, back to a checkpoint.
Admiring your decorating skills
Approaching the warp zone to move on to a new area.