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Unepic (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Unepic Credits


CreatorFrancisco Téllez de Meneses
Presentation GraphicsCarol Sánchez Quiñones
Boss GraphicsCarol Sánchez Quiñones
Character PortraitsRicardo Peregrina Muñoz
Intro Jazz MusicJose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre
New Sewer Background Atmospheric MusicJose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre
Library Background MusicJose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre
Laboratory Background MusicJose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre
New Halls Background Music RemakeJose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre
Forgotten Tower Atmospheric MusicJose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre
Final Battle Background MusicJose Jaime Hidalgo de la Torre
TesterDavid Serra Alcaraz
Polish TranslationRafał Lewandowski
English TranslationChristopher Mathieu, Joshua Zweigart
Chinese TranslationJason King (老金), Flsxm
Russian TranslationAndrey Sakharov, Kozinaka
Traditional Chinese TranslationJedi Lin
Italian TranslationAlessandro El Khoury
Hungarian TranslationZsolt
French TranslationNicolas Forucroy
Czech TranslationVojtěch Skovajsa
German TranslationMark
Trailer ConceptAlessandro El Khoury

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