Universal Combat Credits (Windows)

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Universal Combat Credits


DesignerDerek K. Smart (USA)
ProducerDerek K. Smart (USA)
Project ManagerDerek K. Smart (USA)
Lead DeveloperDerek K. Smart (USA)
Chief Technology OfficerDerek K. Smart (USA)
Core DevelopmentDerek K. Smart (USA)
Kernel AIDerek K. Smart (USA)
Scenario ScriptingDerek K. Smart (USA)
Program ManualsDerek K. Smart (USA)
QADerek K. Smart (USA)
Additional DevelopmentPeter Rushworth (UK), Andrei Proskurine (Russia)
Dynamics Kernel SDKPeter Rushworth (UK)
Misc ToolsPeter Rushworth (UK), Andrei Proskurine (Russia)
Dev SupportAndrei Proskurine (Russia)
Planetary Terrain Technology SDKDarrin Hurd (New Zealand), Derek K. Smart (USA)
Planetary Terrain Textures And MapsDarrin Hurd (New Zealand), Peter Lyall (New Zealand)
Space Terrain SkyboxesPeter Lyall (New Zealand)
Lead 2D ArtistJason Schooley (USA)
3D ModelerJason Schooley (USA)
Character ModelsEric Walker (USA), Joerg Ecker ('Fritz' - Germany), Willie Asp (Sweden)
Character TexturesEric Walker (USA), Joerg Ecker ('Fritz' - Germany), Willie Asp (Sweden)
Character AnimationsJoerg Ecker ('Fritz' - Germany)
First Person Weapon ModelsJason Schooley (USA), Matthew Stephen (UK)
Civil & Military Building ModelsFederico Costa (France), Matthew Stephen (UK)
Ship, Naval & Vehicle ModelsFederico Costa (France), Fredrik Hultqvist (Canada), Jason Schooley (USA)
Stations, Starbases & Other Various ModelsJason Schooley (USA)
Digital SoundfxManuel Marino ('Vanethian' - Italy)
Music Sound TracksManuel Marino ('Vanethian' - Italy)
Product ManagerBrian Gladman (Dreamcatcher Games - Canada)
Beta Testing3000AD Beta Team, Dreamcatcher Games
Thanks toall the Beta testers worldwide for their exceptional and valuable input
and special thanks toChris Shears ('Galion' - the keeper of the appendix)

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