Written by  :  Shalom Raz (55)
Written on  :  Feb 18, 2003
Platform  :  Windows

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A little disappointment

The Good

I liked the graphics and the huge in depth spaces.
Cool weapons
Mysterious environment

The Bad

I didn't like the story behind this game.
The game is too short.

The Bottom Line

Unreal 2 is a sci-fi first person shooter like most others. But, if you have a strong pc, something like 256MB memory with at least GeForce 4 you will enjoy a blasting eye graphics.

The main disappointment for me is the story behind this game. It wasn't an interesting adventure like Unreal 1 and the game is too short.

I don't know but Unreal 1 was a mystery shrouded game, but if you haven't played it you will like Unreal 2.