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    Experience 2004's best online multiplayer game. The tournament has never been more unreal!

    This 10 CD set contains the complete game of Unreal 2004 and new maps, characters and mods.


    • Game contains the original Unreal Tournament 2004 with all new extras including: Six new onslaught maps; Three new onslaught vehicles (Cicada air vehicle, SPMA Long range artillery vehicle, Paladin ground tank); Six new characters including the undead Necris; Eleven additional mods created by Unreal players.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Feb 06, 2005. - Windows (US):
    Epic Games has made Unreal® Tournament 2004 bigger and badder than ever, adding more of what made it one of the year’s most acclaimed action games. UT 2004 won universal praise with more than twice the content of its predecessor, including Onslaught Mode and an army of fearsome battle vehicles. Now, in addition to the original game and a bonus DVD with hours of Unreal Editor tutorials, the Editors’ Choice Edition gives first-person-shooter fans even more: new maps, vehicles and characters, ten modules created by Unreal players and footage from the NVIDIA Make Something Unreal Contest. For the definitive gladiator sport of the future, it’s the most powerful edition ever created.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Oct 02, 2004.