Written by  :  Daniel Courchesne (3)
Written on  :  Oct 02, 2004
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Great game with little problems

The Good

This game is pure great.Everything that they "messed" up in when they did the UT2k3 they fixed.Their new game types such as Onslaught and The return of Assault make this game well worth its weight in gold.The new mode Onslaught includes many vehicles with many great aspects.The redone Assault gives it many new maps,missions, and even a few Assault only vechicles. Its very nice graphics and crisp sounds make it all the better and it has great music to kill to.

The Bad

The physics engine has a few little errors.The Rag Dolls are a very nice touch but not yet prefect.They can get stuck on themselves but thats not very common.I know that you can love yourself..But thats just wrong. Also after the demo they did a little fix the the Sniper Rifle's Fog but it still sucks.

The Bottom Line

I would invite them to a real life One on One CTF match..With the Guns of course,This game doesnt promote much violence.