Full list of cheats and hidden keys/actionsContributed by Jaromir Krol (271) on Jan 16, 2001.

This is the full list of "special features" available in "Urban Chaos". All require you to be in debug mode. This can be activated by pressing F9 to call the console and typing in BANGUNSNOTGAMES in it. This code also gives you invisibility (which won't work in all conditions).

In the debug mode, you can also use the following console commands (some seem well known, but some I haven't seen anywhere, so maybe I'm the first one who found them :):

BOO = Atom bomb! Your character dies, too - even "G" won't help :)
CRINKLES = Turn crinkles On/Off (this option is also in the graphics menu)
DARCI = Play as D'arci (You can make arrests and talk to people)
ROPER = Play Roper (No code to play as Mako, though...)
FADE # = Fog fade level. The higher, the denser the fog is. Not all levels show it.
WORLD # = Choose a music theme
AMBIENT # # # = Set ambient light (R,G,B). The higher the values, the lighter the game.
WIN = Wins the level
LOSE = Loses the level
CCTV = Night vision... :)
VTX = Dumps vector info into a file in C: drive's root dir
TELW # = Go to map point # (important spots, mostly)
TELS = Save a map point in the memory
TELR = Return to the saved point
ANALOGUE - turns on joystick control
GAMMA x - changes gamma level (0-7). Very useful.
ALPHA 0 or 1 - very funny! Try 0 to see a real "ghost town"! (
WPT - changes value of something (wpt?) from 1 to 99...? Sometimes can't find WPT...?
ECHO ON or OFF - doesn't seem to have any effect
CAM - presumably changes camera, but doesn't work with any parameters...
RESTART - does nothing...
L - ?
S - ?

Special keys activated in debug mode: Q = Show cars' moving paths W = Invisible hydrant :) E = Create a car R = Create the fuel barrel I = Show people's walking paths [ = Enemy view + ] = Enemy view - P = Enemy/important characters view ; = Slows your motion and restores normal speed ' = Pause/resume game > = Press and look at D'arci's rear. Hold it and run, making a "prrr" sound ;) / = Stealth debug on/off CTRL = Show debug information G = Move forward or up (follows the mouse cursor, even though it's invisible in the game. Sometimes this can move you to impossible heights!) Hold to "float". J = Show coordinates L = Lights area around you F11 = Turns clouds on/off F12 = Rain of weaponry! (All except for the pistol) F3 = Shut the game down Numpad 7 = Choose fire effects Numpad 5 = Run selected fire effect (don't run too many or the game will crash!) Numpad 3 = Orange fog surrounds you, sometimes a "laser ray" shows up, too

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