Written by  :  Evil-Jim (181)
Written on  :  Mar 29, 2002
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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Fun yet incredibly annoying

The Good

The whole premise of this game is that a sexy street wise police officer, D'arcy Stone, has to run around a 3D cyber punk city cracking peoples skulls open, all the while trying to figure out who's behind the influx in gangs in the city. It's fun to run around the streets cracking civilians skulls open with the baseball bat. The missions are more or less non linear in the method you choose to go about completing them by but the ending is always the same.

The Bad

There is no in game saving, you can only save at the end of each mission, which might not be so bad if the game didn't revolve around running down a street, climbing to the top of a building then jumping over the same street to another building, something where not being able to save before taking a 'fail and die' jump (nearly all jumps are) becomes painfully evident as you tumble to your death and are forced to restart the mission from the very beginning and gets frustratingly repetitive after one or two attempts. The fighting mode isn't the greatest either, you can take out nearly all opponents in one hit with the slide tackle before they can even hit you. If you do manage to start a first fight with someone, look out, the controls are sluggish and it turns into a sort of wrestling game fight scheme as you are locked onto one opponent and shuffle forward, backwards or sideways which all falls apart when more than one opponent is involved. The game gets unbelievably easy once you get either the shotgun or baseball bat, which when coupled with the slide tackle makes you near unstoppable. The missions are all fairly identical and somewhat simple and can get tedious. The pedestrians wander around the city aimlessly and are all fairly similar in appearance, they do have a fair bit of variety which cannot be said about the gang members or police officers. There are only 3 different gang members but they are almost identical while the police have are all perfect clones. There is some variety in vehicles on the road (taxis, ambulances, vans) however you will often see 4 taxis in a row driving down the streets or a pair of identical vans meeting at intersections.

The Bottom Line

Should really have been named Tomb Raider: Police Brutality, it's fun for a little while but gets incredibly annoying quickly.