V2000 Credits


ProgrammingTom Beckmann, David Braben, James Dixon, Jonathan Roach, Mark Swinson
GraphicsGary Bickmore, Marc Cox, Aggy Finn
SoundSkooba , Andy Cross, Aggy Finn, Soundwaves
ProducerIan Mathias
TestingNick Borrie, John Edwards, Trevor Massey, Ian Mathias, Ian Tuttle, Frontier Developments
Special Thanks toAndy Butcher, Julia Coombes, Jérôme Gastaldi, Jacqui Lyons, Ian Mathias, Joanne Rayment, Harry Wearne
German LocalisationUBI Soft Entertainment, Oliver Jörg, Frank Haut


Additional MusicNick Fryer, Martin Dawson, Tom Neville

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roger Wilco (1194) and formercontrib (159527)