Valhalla Chronicles Credits

Paradox Entertainment AB

PresidentTheodore Bergquist
Creative DirectorNils Gulliksson
ProducerChristofer Sundberg
Co‑ProducerPeter Kullgard
Creative DesignerOdd Ahlgren
Conceptual ArtistAlvaro Tapia
Level ScriptersOskar Blomberg, Daniel Nygren, Mats Bergström, Per E.
Lead ProgrammerLinus Blomberg
ProgrammersAndreas Nilsson, Viktor Blomberg, Johan Nilsson
ArtistsMarcus Edström, Nicholas Sirén, Daniel Nygren
QA ManagerPatric Backlund
CM ManagerPatric Backlund
TestersMats Bergström, Marcus Edström, Timo Väisänen, Johan Ingler
Music composed, arranged, produced byJörgen Josefsson (for Publish of Perish [p.o.p. music])
IntroKorkeken AB, Massive Entertainment AB [Music], Daniel Nygren
Cover ArtPaolo Parente
Cover and User Guide DesignStefan Thulin
Business DevelopmentFredrik Malmberg
Marketing DirectorGustaf Magnuson
Additional ContributionsKorkeken AB, Point Blank Development AB

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (187172)