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Werewolf part

Donatello (463) on Jun 19, 2007

Following message contains spoilers!

I'm curious about the werewolf part. How did you finish it? I just sat behind the rock and because of the stupidity of that bastard he couldn't kill or touch me. So was it intended to avoid him like this? I didn't seem to find any other solution, at least the solution where I manage to survive. And when he first appeared I like was: HOLY COW! WHAT THE SHELL I'M GOING TO DO?

That's one of the best things about Vampire. It manages to completely draw you in and forget the fact that it's just a game. This and many others aspects were the reason why I added it to my all-time favourite list. I doubt I'll ever going to find another gem like my 3 favourites, but you'll never know. ;)

Re: Werewolf part

Unicorn Lynx (181369) on Jun 20, 2007

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Oh, I love the werewolf part! Man, that was totally cool!

Anyway... there is a way to kill the werewolf.


Run behind the large building and operate the switch to turn on the power inside. Now, run inside the building and go to that room with double doors and a switch. Now is the hard part, you must lure the werewolf to you in such a way that he would pass through those double doors. The moment he is standing there, between the doors, operate the switch. The doors will close on the werewolf and kill him. You get 5 experience points, if I'm not mistaken, maybe more.

But if you think this is too complicated, there are other ways. You got lucky hiding behind the stone; I got lucky hiding in the tram shack itself. You can also simply run around and then get to the tram in the last moment.