General Tips on how to play.Contributed by Scott Monster (1014) on Mar 11, 2008.


  • The Shinto sword is good against multiple bad guys in a melee fight, especially if you put points in your dexterity and strength. Its useful when you are out of ammo too.
  • The Shotgun has plenty of cheap ammo and you can buy it or pick it up in many places.
  • The handgun won't even kill a human without many shots.
  • The machine guns are only good if your firearm points are 3 or above, otherwise the kickback throws your aim everywhere.
  • The flame thrower is good for killing anything with a couple quick bursts. However, the fuel gets used up pretty quickly and its pretty expensive. Its only available later in the game.
  • The Spaz-15 is pretty useful because it has rapid fire, but its only available later in the game and the ammo can only be bought from Mercerio until late in the game.
  • The Knife is plentiful, but not that effective against bad guys.

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