Written by  :  Boris Stovich (29)
Written on  :  Feb 13, 2005

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The Good

Graphics: The graphics in the game were pretty good, and I especially liked the facial expressions when you talk to the NPC's. For the most part, the graphics were top-notch, aside from a few minor things.

Sound: While the music and sound-effects were very good, I would have to say that my favorite would have to be the many, many lines of dialogue, and the various things that can be said. The best dialogue lines are the Malkavian's crazed ramblings and the reactions you get when someone see's a Nosferatu for the first time.

Gameplay: Over-all, the game ran very well, aside from the aggravating number of loading screens. The combat was simple, yet it didn't seem like the same fight every time I fought someone. Dialogue is simply chosen, but what you say can have an effect on the game and what happens later on. The game also has a high replay value, as you can chose any of the 7 clans to play as (although the clans that have the most different gameplay would be the Malkavians and the Nosferatu).

Story: This is were the game really shines. I love the story and the vivid background they paint for the entire vampire culture, although not much is ever known about your character. They give you a mission that seems random (like sending you to find a very important vampire, instead of sending a more experienced vamp), but by the end, you see the true reason for everything. Friends are hard to find, as just about everyone will lie, cheat, and backstab to try and get to the top.

The Bad

Limitations: While there is a number of places to go throughout the game, most places are blocked off and you can never go there, which is a dissapointment. Another is character creation. While there are 14 possible characters (7 clans, 2 genders each), I really wanted a vampire that would look more unique than the basic bandana-wearing Brujah.

Bugs: I never really encountered any bugs...

Loading Screens: Way too many loading screens...it gets annoying.

The Bottom Line

If you need a new RPG, and are tired of the old hack n' slash fantasy game, go pick up a copy of Bloodlines.