Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Screenshots (Windows)

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This is where it all begins. The music at this point, and every point afterward, is outstanding
Example Character Creation - Gangrel, the essence of "The Beast Within"
Intro. This newly created female character wakes up in her cheap room after a night of casual, meaningless sex... as a vampire
Your first haven. Cozy, don't you think? Your laptop is a little to the left of the TV
Welcome to Santa Monica. Your haven is to the left, and lots of quests in every other direction
Computers are a big part of this game. E-mail can contain quests or amusement, and there's hacking
Santa Monica from another angle. Of the four hubs, SM feels like the smallest, and it's still big
Meet Mercurio, one of many friendly denizens of this imagined Los Angeles. He's also a ghoul
Some of the best views are to be had in areas you come across during your quests
People say this house is haunted. In the World of Darkness, ghosts actually exist. Have fun!
The first view of the Downtown hub. That's the Prince's tower, and his office is at the very top
Here's the Prince's office. Spacious and well-decorated, your adventures return here several times
Prince Lacroix. He gets a little lively sometimes, and he enjoys sending you on dangerous quests
This guy is your means of going from place to place in Los Angeles. You'll be seeing him a lot
Large buildings rear up all around you in most areas of the hubs. This is a nicely lit one
To go along with those big buildings, there are many dark alleys. Fortunately, you're a vampire
Melee and hand-to-hand combat takes place in the third person. And it's incredibly satisfying
Somehow, I don't think these targets are adequate practice aids
This is one of many crazily decorated areas you'll come across. This is a bloody theme
If you please the Prince a great deal, he'll eventually move your haven into more dignified chambers
There are plenty of sidequests. It would appear I spent a little too much time on some of them
Each hub has its own feel. Hollywood is definitely the 'seedy' hub, though it's still impressive
Chinatown. The brightest hub, filled with enemies of vampires. Lots of experience to be had here
The Malkavians have their own set of dialog
Funny, I don`t recall playing with matches
There are plenty of detail in the environments. Just look around and you'll find some... interesting stuff
A full sheet of abilities, with the option of allocating an experience point to raise an attribute
Exploring a... refrigerator. This brings up the item interface
It was a great day for sneaking upon some mafia guys in a fancy hotel. Note the working TV and nice art on the walls
Attention, passengers: bloodsucking in progress!.. Don't do it to innocents, but help yourself to a beverage buffet with the enemies!..
A buffed-up character with several disciplined activated. Overlooking hostile policemen in a level that takes place on a ship
This is a museum. I came here to enjoy works of art. And what do I find? Scared civilians and undead walking around!..
Speaking of undead: another variety of those attack me in close combat in this decrepit, abandoned house
And finally, yet another type of undead, this time a classic: zombies! In this very tough optional quest, you have to eliminate them within a time limit - no time left for the view!..
Hey, you... stone monkey! You like my new vest?.. This optional boss battle takes place in a stylish Asian mansion
Some locations in the game are beautiful in an eerily mesmerizing way - not quite visible through screenshots
Take a break from all those quests and sub-quests! Relax, visit a strip club... You are a vampire, after all, so you can't be moral anyway... or... can you?..
In Chinatown, you visit a local exclusive club, with a traditionally dressed, cute female bartender and a rather intimidating animated bodyguard
Standing outside of a fancy mansion, displaying a new sledgehammer, expensive cars, rich guests, and the "talk" icon
Why do I have the feeling I'm not welcome here?.. Because this is the place occupied by deadly vampire hunters! Be very, very careful!..
The character can dance in the club...
This woman is about to die... will you save her?
This enigmatic lady has a Malkavian's uncanny insight...
The lockpicking feat is a invaluable skill to get you out (or into) tight situations...
A Japanese hunter vs an oversized shark-headed demon. Should we join in? Nah...
A nice arsenal of guns you pick along the way...
Ugly monsters in all shapes and sizes may be found scavenging these tunnels... Odd looking monster. Egad! It's throwing corpses at me!
During one of the game's most outstanding setpieces, you'll have to outsmart this gigantic werewolf! Believe me, he is as scary as he looks!..
One of the decisive boss battles late in the game - it is still optional, since you can choose not to take this particular story path
You die in spectacular fashion...